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EPIK Academy

Name: Kwon Yoru

Age and Year: 17/year 6

Superpower: Supernatural Self-Preservation (The superhuman power to identify and escape almost any danger without consciously thinking out a plan of action.); while being in danger Yoru never misses an aim that’s why she practice archery; though when she’s not in danger she’s too clumsy to hit an aim, even if it’s an elephant

Dangerous: not even a bit

Weakness: her power should be used to escape, not to fight – and fighting is her biggest weakness [when she decides to fight her all senses screams ‘run away!’)

Character History: 
Her parents opposed. And disbelieved.

Controlling fire or water, telepathy, ability to disappear – those were superpowers. Being able to sense danger and escape it? For Mr. and Mrs. Kwon it was called intuition and luck, and didn’t need any special training. How they could allow their ORDINARY daughter study with some freaks?

It wasn’t easy task for Tablo to convince them – to convince anyone – that Yoru was above average. It’s still a mystery how he did that – maybe he used some special powers to change Yoru’s parent’s mind.

Since being 11 Yoru has been attending EPIK; she is very hardworking student trying to develop various skills, mostly archery. 

Many claim Yoru’s superpower is her kindness – she’s friendly and willing to help anyone [of course if it’s not dangerous situation when she just runs away].
She usually smiles and looks on bright side of life but there is one thing that worries her – it’s the feeling of being worse than others who have amazing superpowers. It’s her burden that motivates her to work harder; you can often see her with books from which she tries to learn new useful skills.
She’s a bit clumsy (which changes 180 degrees when she’s in danger). Talks a lot, sometimes to herself:)
Played By: ulzzang JOO (Kim Seuk Hye)


Name: Kim HaMin

Age and Year: 19 / year 6 (because he was accepted at school later than his peers)

Superpower: Necromancy (The power to utilize magic involving the dead)

Dangerous: was in dangerous class when was accepted to the school; now when the director believes he can control his power, HaMin can attend regular class. 

Weakness: necromancy is both his power and weakness; without fully controlling the power ghosts can haunt him or even temporarily posses (did that a lot when he was 16); also he doesn't like too much sunlight, it makes him dizzy.

Character History: 
HaMin is son of scientist who worked for an army; his father wished to create super soldier but when his experiments went too far he was fired but never stopped following his ‘dream’; he was so determined to keep his experiments that he used his own son…and almost killed him. But HaMin came back to live with superpower – he could steal memories from dead bodies.
He was 16 at that time; Tablo brought him to his school to develop HaMin’s power – and to save him from his father (who still can be a danger for school and it’s students; you never know what mad scientist is going to do).
First thing Tablo and his teacher did was to teach HaMin to TALK with the dead instead of forcefully steal their memories. 
With the development of his power, HaMin can now summon deceased souls, and sometimes even corpses…but he shouldn’t do it without any important reasons (school’s rules);
He’s also befriend with one ghost, Taec, who…haunts girls bathroom. (Taec is major pervert, so girls be aware of him)

HaMin used to be popular, ordinary guy until he got his powers. It changed him into mysterious and lonely person. People are simply afraid of someone who can summon corpses. 
He likes to visit the city near campus and enjoy nightlife; when people party with him instead by judging him.
He may seem arrogant, and heartless [he doesn't allow himself to be emotionally involved which doesn't mean he avoid being in very short relationships/one night stands] but he only acts like this because he himself feels hurt, lonely and not accepted by people [well, his own father experimented at him, he can have some trauma]

Played By: ulzzang Yu HaMin

@sparsile , I hope my characters are okay with you; or should I change anything??

First of all, when I only heard of this RP, I knew one of my characters will be Necromancer!

But - despite sad past - I don't want to make HaMin sad character; there's Yoru to help me bring some smile on his face:P

And with help of pervert-ghost Taec (with his cheesy smile, long hair and see through body) I'll try to make my stories funny. You know I prefer writing funny stories:P
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