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Please peeps! Tell me if you want to be tagged!! Because sometimes it is nice to be tagged, I go 'aawww, im loved!" even though i then have to do survey things or quizzes or whatever. 
So comment if you like being loved, I'll tag you next time!!!! hehe 
i was tagged by @girl-with-kaleidoscope-eyes
Question is:If you threw a party and could invite 10 characters from any book, who would they be? 
Rules: Make a set and in the description say which 10 book characters you would invite. Tag the person who tagged you the creator of the tag and 5 additional people.
1. One character who can cook/likes to cook: 'Cook' from the famous five.
2. One character who has money to fund the party: 
Mr Darcy! 
3. One character who would cause a scene: Gilderoy Lockhart (how to spell his first name?) 
4. One character who is funny/amusing: Fred and George Weasley ( same as @girl-with-kaleidoscope-eyes hehe, but they are so awesome) 
5. One character who is super social/popular: Tonks. I think she is. People cant help liking her right? I cant :)
6. One villain: Umbridge. 
7. One couple - doesn't have to be romantic: all I can think of is 'gred and forge" but they are twins. SO not a couple. But they are 2 people, right? good lord. 
8. One hero/heroine: Clary from the mortal instruments! 
9. One under-appreciated character: Neville? under appreciated, as in, the writing, not enough attention by the author? or as in, the author meant to not give them attention? 
10. One character of your own choosing: 
tag the creator: @baibox 
my 5 tags: @fashionandfurious @on-the-count-of-three @enotia @i-talk-to-trees @nikkid
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