name: Jade Wolf
age: 18
astrological sign: Scorpio
style: It’s either black or white. No color, or crazy patterns. Simple, routine, and fuss-free.
bio: Jade needs structure and order (read: boring). She’s always been that way as far as anyone could remember. Every single day is the same - from her morning breakfast to the time she uses the shower - and each night she would be popping pills before calling it a day. People could only guess what the pills are for (and they make good gossip at school) but Jade treats those pills like her comfort pillow - without it she'll break into pieces. Strongly independent after the death of her parents, she's now living with her older brother Jamie(he flunked college) and unofficially became the one who wears the pants between the two of them. It can be quite a challenge to be on her good side - let alone be friends. Jade can be very vocal with her thoughts but once she finds a liking towards someone, she'll welcome their problems with open arms. Jade has great ambitions and already knows what she wants to do in the future, and although she wouldn't like it much now, sometimes life doesn't always work out as what we'd planned - at times one shall need to loosen her hair and simply let things go.
likes: clean room, lavender, peppermint tea, her organizer, reading pretty much everything from books to newspapers, the pills
dislikes: alcohol, mess, breaking out of her habits, changes, big crowds, colors, being ordered around
model: ashley olsen

I walked up the stairs to my apartment, with my regular cinnamon bread and slice of apple pie as after-school snacks, and felt slightly uneasy as I heard faint music coming from my floor.

The sound grew louder as I walked towards the front door and the moment I unlocked it, I was greeted by my brother Jamie bouncing about doing a Mick Jagger impersonation. I slammed the door shut - the music somehow faded the noise - and walked past him with a mix emotion of anger and second-hand embarrassment.

One of his junkie buddies was stationed at our kitchen, lining beer cans on the counter but he stopped when he noticed me.

"Hey, J!" he called out. I winced and pushed past him to get to the fridge, where a cool glass of water would help to calm me down.

"How's school?" Junkie Buddy asked trying to make conversations with me. I closed the fridge and turned to face him. 

"You'd probably know if you'd actually been in one," I replied bluntly. Before I left the kitchen, I glared at the beer cans in disgust. 

"Please clear those off my counter before you leave. And take out the garbage, too, while you're at it."

"I always take out the garbage for ya," he chuckled, as if it amused him. 

I pointed towards my bouncing brother in the living room and sighed. 

"Somehow you always left that one behind."

This time, he burst out laughing.

"I don't think I can find any garbage bin that'll fit him."

Rolling my eyes, I walked out of the kitchen and headed straight for my room, locking the door as an extra precaution. I'd left it unlocked once and had a group of Jamie's friends bursting in doing the toga dance.

Mortified wasn't even close to explaining how I felt.

I took a few seconds of deep breath, the blaring music and Jamie's husky voice singing along slowly fading and I smiled. It always worked - or if it didn't there's always the bottle in my bedside drawer to do the job.

A quick shower later and I was plugged into my headphones, Norah Jones serenading me as I bite into my after-school snacks and dived into my school assignment for the next few hours.

As I'd planned, dinner followed next - Jamie was slumped on the couch while Junkie Buddy was talking to the wall about his miseries - and it took me exactly twenty minutes to prepare the meal, sit down and finish it up. 

Jamie was already up when I walked out, and he looked slightly surprised to see me. 

"When'd you get home?" he asked with a stifled yawn as he wobbled over. 

"Does it even matter to you?" I shot back, arms crossed tightly. 

"If you have any sense left in you, you would at least stop bringing those junkies over and turning this place upside down."

Jamie scoffed and it was obvious he didn't take my comment too well. It probably burned his ego.

"I live here, too, Jade, and I have every right to do what I wanna do. You're the one who needs to loosen up a lil', baby sister." He ruffled his hand through my hair before passing me. 

I pushed his hand off and threw him a glare. 

"If loosening up means becoming a loser like you, then I say no thank you," I spoke coldly before marching back into my room.

Our argument left me fuming, almost breathless, and little voices played over in my head, whispering and hissing. 

'You're the prude...'
'You need to loosen up a lil'...'
'You're afraid of changes...'
'You just want to live your own world...'

I was almost choking, falling to my bedside table, scrambling for the glass bottle that held the antidote to these voices. I searched frantically, tossing aside papers and books, before finally reaching for it. The lid popped open and two or three of them landed on my palm, before into my mouth.

I fetched a glass nearby and swallowed the pills down in a go. It felt good. I found sanity again. And tucked underneath the sheets, I had a good sleep, with no voices on repeat or nightmares haunting my dreams.


@curious-and-young i'd never been in a roleplay before but always read @cestlula masterpieces (you like that, don't chu? hehe) but writing this was fun and i do hope i get this character. though this story did took a turn into the dramatic towards the end. :P
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