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ok. so i like have no life, and took a million selfies today, soyea. digging my t-mobile phone? oh yea. you're jealous. lol. no. okie? see my room? yea it's pretty bad. o:

well here we go, yea?

name : allyson anne _____
nicknames ; ally , al, apricot , mrs.horan, female - niall.
friends ; ashley, lea, abbey // kaleb, laurel, lara, lauren, kaylin kaitlyn, cailin, meghan, jenn, jen, christian, andrew, andy, daulton brighton, jack, alex, ect.
tumblr ;
age ; fourteen
habitat ; rhode island
favourite colour ; green, like a soft, seafoam.

okie. so enough just like facts. i'll just go on about myself, like i hate to do, but i just want y'all to know the real me;
well hi, i'm allyson, but i really prefer ally, or anything besides my real name, thanks. it's so ugly. ugh. anyway. i'm fourteen and i reside in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. literally. there is a place i go to a lot called the middle of nowhere diner. uhm, i eat. like alot. which explains why i'm fat, you can't see it up thuur but i am. like. really. and i hate when people say " i would rather eat a burger than me stick thin " it's like you're only saying that because YOU ARE stick thin. if you were fat like meh, you would be turning thjat burger away. uh, i don't eat red meat, or pork. but i like bacon :3
i have mild anorexia, and i have gad [ generalized anxiety disorder ] and panic disorder, and no this is not a cry for attention because i would rather live under a rock, then have people pity me, thanks. 
i'm madly in love with one direction since 2011, not 2010 or 2012. i love my happy medium c; i brought them to my school, so you are fucking welcome. uhm bieber, no thanks. y'all can have him. as long and i have scooter,.kthanks.
ed & olly are mine as well so move along. 

- judge away.

haters to the left.
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