Bonjour tout le monde! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and your week to come is just as wonderful. This week has been crazy buzy, but only 4 weeks left in the semester! I am super pumped to be done with this semester! Too much work ;D Anywho, I have a few thinks I'd like to blog about so here I go...

1. So, I watched Glee on Friday because I couldn't on Thursday and I was pleasently surprised at how much I enjoyed the episode. Lemme tell ya what I enjoyed...
 * I WAS SO HAPPY THERE WAS NO RACHEL!! Don't get my wrong, I adore Lea Michele and Rachel is one of my favorite characters, but it was so nice to have an episode without any of her drama and whining. It makes me appreciate her more and in all honesty, Glee is supposed to be about a Glee club so it makes sense they don't constantly focus on NYC.
 * THIS EPISODE MADE ME LOVE FINN AGAIN!! Finn has been one of the best characters on this show. I honestly can say the only time when I haven't cared to him when Rachel was pushing him around but I LOVE him without Rachel! I totally get that feeling of not knowing where you're going or what you're good for and the like but I think Finn as Glee club director would be fantastic. The character of Finn is just so... normal. I think the most normal character on Glee so I'm glad he's finally getting what he deserves. Legit. I cannot express how happy I am about Finn. He's just awesome.
 * MIKE WAS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Heck yes! I was so happy! I hated how the writers ignored him for the first two seasons and then finally gave him some background in season 3. He is just my love. that is it. I love him. He's mine. Back off. haha but in all seriousness, I wish they would have let him sing! But alas, they did not so I'm just glad he was back and I could stare at his lovely face ;D
 * I DIDN'T HATE MERCEDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 She was always my least favorite character, but I think now that she's graduated she has no stake in drama and therefore I can appreciate her. 
 * ARTIE IS FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Right though, he is. I'm glad he was helping Finn out and he's just a super kid. so yeah.
 I could probably look up his name, but I'm not gonna put that much effort into this. But yeah, he's awesome mainly because his voice is amazing and he's super attractive. Let's hope the writers don't botch his character like they did almost everyone else's.
 I hate this new Kitty person. Her voice annoys the crap out of me and, in my opinion, her singing is not that great at all. blah. I really REALLY do not like her in the least bit.
 I love how he stood up to Kitty for Marley and he's just a great character. I hope they don't mess his character up too. I would love for the writers/creators of Glee to give us one person that I have consistent good feelings for (other than Finn, of course).
 I didn't like her at first but now she's growing on me. There's no doubt she's gotta voice to kill plus she's always standing up for herself and others so that's pretty cool. So yeah, that's a good thing. 

2. Okay, now that I'm done with my thoughts on Glee, let me tell you how much I love Grey's Anatonmy!!! Okay, when Christina's surgeon friend died I died a little on the inside, but when she showed up in Seattle I screamed with joy! For real. I hope she stays and gets back together with Owen. I love them together. 

3. So, you might be wondering who this lovely man in the photos is. His name is Tom Ellis and I'm adding him to my list of husbands. He's a British actor and I know him from the BBC comedy show /Miranda/. Oh my goodness, if you haven't seen this show you need to! For those of you who don't have BBC, it's on PBS Saturdays at 10:30 pm and Sundays at 11 pm. This show makes me laugh so hard my face hurts, and I'm not overexaggerating. And Tom's character is just perfect. That's it. There's no other word to describe it. Perfection. 

4. I VOTED IN MY FIRST PRESIDENTAL ELECTION! It was so exciting. Now, because poly isn't a place for politics I won't tell you who I voted for or if I'm happy with the results. However, it was just so cool to go in on Tuesday and actually vote. 

5. So, Friday mornings I volunteer at a Refugee and Migration place in my city. They basically help refugees when they come into the US and they give mandatory classes for the Refugess because they have to be in so many classes a week in order to learn the language and the customs and such of America. Anywho, I love it there. I started there this past January with a fellowship and after the fellowship finished I continued on as a volunteer. So, about 5 or so weeks back the volunteer/donation coordinator left because she found a new job and I was so sad because I adored her. So, I was waiting to find out who took her position and then two weeks ago I finally met this person. He's this super young, probably mid-20s, hipster person. He's great though, really. He's super chill, probably due to the hipster in him :) but really he's great. So, this past Friday, the teacher I was helping asked me to make some copies but I forgot the copier code so I had to go ask Trevor (that's his name). I needed to make double-sided copies and I have no clue how to do that so I asked him and legit, we were standing at the copier for 15 minutes and must have printed 20 copies, none of which were double sided. Eventually I just gave up on the double sided thing and made regular copies of two sheets. But it was hilarious. I told my mom about it and she just shook her head and said 'we send you to a $50,000/year school and you can't even make double-sided copies'. ha. It's true though.

6. The place where I work is fantastic. Honestly, it's awesome. But the people I work with are all idiots. Seriously, I cannot stand any of them, except one of them. They all come to work and none of them want to work. GAAAAH! I was so frustrated with everyone and everything last night it was bad. I mean, I didn't take it out on anyone, but I did vent to my mom after. I mean come on people, suck it up and work! If you knew what I did, I mean it's nothing and we get to enjoy beautiful music. People are idiots. The one person I adore at work his just fantastic. He goes to the same university as me (as do all the student workers) but he's a senior and I'm a second year. I love when I get to work with him because he's just a genuinely nice person and does not complain at all. Okay, listen to this. He twisted his ankle pretty bad during the day yesterday that he could barely stand/walk on it and yet he came to work and stayed the whole time. I can gaurentee you that any of the other people I work with wouldn't have even showed up. I mean, this guy is so great. I wish everyone could be like him, but alas, everyone cannot be. Oh well.

sorry that was all so long! I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

xx, hg
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