***Top Set on November 19, 2012***

November 12, 2012

Song of the day: Still the One - One Direction

1) This song is also really fun.
2) Sigh. I had something I wanted to share with you guys but I completely forget now. And it's annoying because when I thought of it earlier, I was thinking, "I should jot this down before I forget," but then I was like, "Nah. I won't forget." But then I did! 
3) But I just watched Revenge and it was so good. Like SO good. And intense. But there's not going to be another episode for another two weeks =(
4) My mom bought these chocolate-covered pretzels sprinkled in peppermint and they just remind me of Christmas. And I need it to be Christmas right now. Or at least Thanksgiving. So I can start counting down the days to Christmas...
5) Argh. I'm still annoyed I forgot what I wanted to say! But I suppose I'll go eat dinner now. Happy Monday! xx
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