So I (Marie) had an idea, where we would choose a theme, and each tip girl would put together an outfit for that theme/occasion. Only four girls participated this time, since we threw this together on such short notice. This is the first one, and we plan on making more in the future! (:

My Thanksgiving outfit consists of a preppy crewneck sweater, jeans, and fuzzy moccasins (: For Thanksgiving I don't really go anywhere fancy, I go to my grandparent's house and hang out with my cousins so it's pretty low-key! 
Hair; I'm going to just wear my hair in a messy bun or braid.
Makeup; I'll probably only wear some blush and mascara because I'm only going to be chillin' with the fam ♥(:

I paired a loose colored blouse with a pair of cute black shorts and some studded flats for a bit of my typical edginess. For accessories I'd just pop on a cute skinny belt and a long necklace. If it's cold on Thanksgiving, I'd add a pair of sheer black nylons. 
Hair; Fishtail braid or straightened
Makeup; A simple combination of mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss.

-♥ BRi'S OUTFiT;
My outfit is a simple look anyone can pull off, by pairing a lacey floral top with a comfy cardigan. Wear light wash skinny jeans, creating a really pretty contrast between the jeans and the dark top and cardigan. Then just put on some flats, oxfords, sperry's, uggs, or combat boots and you're good to go. (:

My outfit is bohemian with a formal touch, I'm wearing a denim jacket that shall be rolled up with a short sleeved pink lace shirt underneath. I think lace shirts are very cute and elegant, I got my lace shirt at nordstrom rack for like $6, I have a white/beige colored one too & i'll add an infinity scarf, mine is more beige color then white but I think white is WAY more cute. Then I'll be wearing my white skinny jeans from the brand SEVEN, which are so comfy and perfect. And last, I'll be wearing white flats (mine is white/gray stripes) . I might be actually wearing this since I own most of the outfit, just some differences. (: 
Hair; For hair, I might take 1/2 inch of hair in the front and braid it to the side and add a cute flower if ya'll know what I mean. Or I might fishtail braid it. (: 
Makeup; I don't wear much makeup, but I'll probably paint my nail white or do a French manicure. I'll be wearing my BABYLIPS that are "quenched" flavor, my little lipstick<33 & I'll probably wear some mascara to look all perfect and all. Since I'm only in 7th grade, I only keep it basic so usually I wear Chapstick or lipstick and mascara, in some occasions I might wear foundation to cover my acne on my nose. And that's all.

We hope you liked this tip, and tell us if you want us to create more in the future. If you do, suggest a theme and we might use it! ♥

keep c a l m and tip
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