Coffee&Cakes [Winter edition]

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Hyojin eyed the cake she just finished baking and bit her lips, thinking. It was a new receipt she was working on in the past days and now that finally it was done, she was not sure about it’s taste.

“What is it?” Alice peeked into the kitchen and looked at the chocolate cake curiously.

“I’ve tried something but I am not sure. Would you like to try it?” she cut a small piece and gave it to the older girl. 

Alice put the piece into her mouth and chewed on it, tasting it like she was some expert. She made some funny face and Hyojin had to try holding back her laugh.


“Its so yummy! The orange flavour fits perfectly with the dark chocolate.” Alice smiled. 

“Can you give it out to the costumers? I’d like to have some feedback”


Hyojin quickly cut the cake into smaller pieces and put them on a bigger plate, so Alice could go around the shop with it.

Hyojin liked baking, she liked trying out something new, it was her passion. Fortunately Mrs Park let her experience and didn’t mind new cakes on the menu, even Hyojin was only a part-time baker in Winter Rose bakery. But only because of her studies.

She finished her shift at eight PM, leftovers hanging from her arm in a nylon bag. Her flatmate, Woori, hated her so much for it: “I am gaining weight just looking at the cakes you bring home!” But of course she still ate it, because who can deny some free and delicious cake?

“You came late!” Woori greeted her from their kitchen, trying to balance a frying pan in her hand and a plate in her other one.

“I stayed longer because I can’t go for a while. You know, exams” Hyojin frowned and placed the bag down on the counter. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know?” she chuckled. “Something with eggs and bacon...”

“You are totally hopeless in the kitchen” Hyojin patted her friend’s back and took the plate away. “One day you will burn down our flat and I just hope I won’t be here when it’ll happen!”

“So you just want me to die alone? How nice of you...” the black haired girl pouted at her but she knew well Hyojin was teasing her.

“The world needs to taste my cakes so sorry, but I have to live!” Hyojin stuck her tongue out and quickly jumped away before Woori could hit her with the spatula she just picked up quickly from the counter.

“Did you know we have new neighbours?” Woori asked as they settled down in the living room with their dinner, tea and cakes.

“Really? Have you met them?”

“Not yet but Mrs Baek was so excited when I ran into her this morning. She was like: oh my dear, those boys are so handsome! You girls should greet them or I’ll be faster and steal them!” she mimicked the old lady from the first floor and the girls burst into laughter.

“She is a first generation pedo noona” Hyojin joked. “Poor boys!”

“We should really greet them anyway. I mean, who knows? Maybe they are really handsome and all, and we are forever alone so...”

“Don’t count me in this please, I am too busy to even live, I don’t need a boyfriend to care about now” Hyojin grimaced. “They are just pain in the a**.”

“You are just butthurt because that one idiot broke your heart...a FEW years ago, you cat lady”

“Oh shut up, Ms. I fall in love with every boy that smiles at me!”

The girls stared at each other intensely but they couldn’t keep their face serious for too long. 

Jongdae walked into the shop that was not far from their new place and he looked around curiously. It was already dark outside and he should have been at home, in the warmth of their apartment but he refused to go back yet. It was still a big mess there, boxes and luggage all around the living room, their beds still in their old place.

“Welcome in Winter Rose Bakery! How can I help you?” A boy, probably younger than him greeted Jongdae at the counter.

“I’d like to have hot chocolate and a triple chocolate muffin, take-out.”

The boy, Seungho as the tag on his shirt showed, told him to wait for a bit, so he took a step away from the counter and looked around again. It was really a nice place, with cozy and friendly feeling, and the smell filled his nose made him warm. He knew that he would be back more often than he should.

Suddenly a girl with red hair stepped to him, holding a plate with one hand and smiled at him.

“Sorry for the bother but would you like to try out this new cake?” Alice asked him kindly.

“Yeah, sure...” Jongdae nodded as he picked up a small piece and stuffed it into his mouth. 

He remained speechless. He never ever ate anything as delicious as that little piece of heaven. The bitterness of the dark chocolate and the bit sour of orange marmalade with the sugar coated orange pieces were amazing. Jongdae was about to ask the girl if he can buy a whole slice or even a whole cake but his phone vibrated in his pocket and Alice suddenly disappeared from beside him. He sighed as he read the message from his flatmate, Luhan. ‘Bring me a coffee please! I need caffeine to study!’

Jongdae turned back to the cashier and looked at him apologetically.

“I’ll have a dark coffee with lot of whipped cream, too” he sighed.


So this is it! I’ll probably write shorter ones but quite often...If I wait for my muse to write long’ll never read anything from me xD OTL...

Characters: (Yep, Exo again...!)

Name: Park Hyo Jin
Age: 20 (closer to 21)
She lives with her friend, Woori in Seoul, close to their university and close to Winter Rose Bakery. She works there as a part-time baker. She wants to attend at a culinary school but her parents oppose it, so she studies something she hates the most: law. She started her 3rd year (I am using my country’s school starts in September :P)

Hyojin is a normal girl, nothing special. She likes going out for a walk or make fun of herself time to time, or just sitting at home with a book - but not with her textbooks! 

Name: Kim Jongdae
Age: 18
He just moved to Seoul recently with his friend Luhan (21), who came from China two years ago. They know each other since then, thanks to their love for music. Luhan’s major is composing while Jongdae’s is singing.

Jongdae is a loud and funny kid, with his cat smile and sharp cheek bones he is kind of popular - but not when he is with Luhan, because Luhan is a living doll with beautiful face and annoyingly long eyelashes. 


I don’t want to write a long introduction because my characters always change in my head, I don’t want to come back and re-write them :D

If you want to collab just feel free to write to me ^^ and ‘sorry’ for using Alice and Seungho already :P
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