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Coffee&Cakes [fall/winter edition]

Alice’s POV

…Myungsoo pushed the door leading inside coffee house. Without a world he stepped to the place where I was cleaning table and pulled me into a hug, followed by passionate kiss…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I opened my eyes and searched around my bed to find the device which had woken me up; I switched off the alarm clock and put my head back on pillow, hoping to continue dreaming. But that was impossible; once woken the dream disappeared. 

When I saw my face in a mirror: messed hair, pale skin, dark circles begging for more sleep, I sighed.

“You’re pathetic, Alice!” I said to my reflection. “Dreaming about idols!” I scratched my head and yawn loudly. At moments like that I was actually happy I was living alone; imagine any man seeing me like this in the morning! He would run away faster than saying ‘good morning, honey!’

After round of my own ‘beauty treatment’, I started looking like human. Not a goddess, I wasn’t that much skilled with make up and hair.

At least putting on something nice made me believe I was ready for another day of real life (though I wouldn’t mind coming back straight to bed, to my dreamland).

When I stepped outside my apartment and walked to the nearest bus stop I couldn’t predict how awful that day could become.

Riding by bus wasn’t the most pleasant way to get to work. All seats were taken, and I had to stand up between old loudly breathing man who kept staring at my legs (I did regret putting on skirt and over knee socks) and young blonde boy who was rude beyond imagination – he sat on last empty seat, ignoring the fact that I was a woman, and every gentleman would allow me to take that seat.

The busdriver either had too many glasses of soju previous night or was just terribly bad at driving; the vehicle was shaking so much that it was hard to keep balance.

I could predict that with driver’s skills it would happen sooner or later – that he would suddenly stop the bus, making my fall. 

For those short seconds I was falling to crash my face with dirty bus floor, I closed my eyes, preparing for pain.

To my surprise my face landed on something soft, and only my knees painfully met the floor. 

In movies situation like that happens; in movies I would land on handsome boy, and probably our lips would met! In other movies, he would land on me, probably with his face on my chest. It would be kind of embarrassing but nice at the same time, who wouldn’t want to be touched by actor Lee Byung Hun’s face?

But reality was different.
“Uhm, ajumma, I can sue you for sexual harassment.” I heard cold voice over my head. I slowly opened my eyes and look up at rude blonde boy; then I looked back at the place where my face was resting moment ago. Looked back between his legs.

I quickly, and kind of clumsily, got up, feeling my cheeks burning from embarrassment.
“I’m sorry.” I bowed to the boy few times apologetically, and quickly turned to the loudly breathing man whose nasty smile was telling me that during fall he had a chance to see my panties.

When it was finally my stop, I rushed to leave the bus but was blocked by someone *blonde* trying to get out too. What a rude boy! He should allow lady to step out the bus first -.-

When I was finally outside I realized two things; 
Firstly, it was the same blonde boy who I didn’t want to met ever again;
And secondly, he was heading to Winter Rose.

The blonde boy didn’t order anything; he talked with Ram. 
At first I intended to hide myself in other part of the building but driven by curiosity I followed Ram and the boy.

“Spying?” I jumped surprised by the sound of Joon Young’s voice. I turned to him, and like always when I saw him, my heart started to beat a bit faster. I knew he was player (and a bit of a d.ouche, to be honest) but he was just too handsome to not be charmed just by looking at him.
“No-o.” I shook my head no a bit to vigorously.
“No?” Joon Young’ was standing so close that he almost whispered it to my ear. 
My savior was Sora who appeared next to us.
“Checking the new boy? I’ve heard he’s son of some master of baristas…”
“But before we can hire you, Byunghun-ssi, you must prove you have some talent. We don’t hire people because of their parents.” Ram joined our conversation.

I could swear the blonde boy smirked, confident of his skills.

Next minutes we were drinking delicious coffee, with various ‘paintings’ on its surface. He impressed us, and from that day Winter Rose had new barista.

And that would mean WORKING with him.

Ram asked me to introduce all workers to him and show him our coffee house.

“And I’m Alice Kingsleigh.” When I finished I realized I hadn’t introduced myself.
“You’re foreigner? That would explain why your face looks so weird.” He said (asking for a punch).
“Not ‘you’ but ‘Alice-ssi’; it looks like I’m older than you so I deserve some respect.”
“It does look like that.” He pointed at my forehead. “All that wrinkles…”
He definitely asked for a punch; but instead of beating him up I gasped.
“If you were needing anything, go and ask someone else.” I said and left him alone; I wasn’t going to help him on the first day of his work. I decided to avoid him – now and for the rest of my life.

But decisions is one, and reality other.

After work I went out for a drink; I was supposed to meet with my friend and drink with her but she was like always late.

I was sitting alone by the table, staring at my glass and wondering how miserably I looked lonely among all those busy tables.

To make it worse, Byunghun – the new boy from Winter Rose – was loudly having fun with his friends just few tables from mine.

I caught him staring at me few times; but it wasn’t this passionate glare you get from your lover, but a stare full of despise.

(Byunghun's POV:
'Stop staring at her!' I scolded myself in thought after being caught looking at Alice again.

I couldn't stop myself and took another short glance at her; she looked so sad with her chin resting on her fist, and eyes focused on liquid in her glass.
Whoever was the guy who let her wait for him was stupid.)

Alice's POV

I was about to call my friend (talking on a phone makes you less miserable friendless loser) when I got a message from my friend that she wouldn’t come because ‘something urgent came out’. There was no more reasons for me to sit alone and drink. I finished my drink I had been staring at, and opened my bag to look for a wallet…

…that wasn’t there. I dig up everything inside my bag; I even took out most of it and put it on table. It wasn’t there. I left wallet at Winter Rose. After packing everything back, I rested my head on table to find out a way to leave the place without paying bill.

I could pretend to be very drunk; but would waiter believe I’m drunk after one small drink? 
I could pretend to faint; but they would take me to hospital.

I could also do nothing; just sit there and pray for the solution [like world’s end] to come.

At first I didn’t realize it was me who was called; I lazily got up to look at speaking person who mispronounced my name. It was no one else than Byunghun.
“I’m fine.” I answered without realizing he wasn’t actually asking if I were feeling fine.
“Ha, I knew it; you fell asleep. And was snoring.”
“What?” I looked around realizing that what he said was true; the place emptied; even his friends were gone, which meant that a lot of time had passed. “OMG, it’s so embarrassing.” I said to myself.
“It’s okay.” He said barely holding laughter.” Here.” He handed me a napkin and pointed at my chin. I could bet there was some saliva on it -.-
“Are you even allowed to drink?” I changed topic.
“I turned 19 two days ago.” He said with smile.
“Belated happy birthday.”
“Thank you! See you tomorrow.” He was about to leave when I stopped him.
“Byunghun-ssi, I have a favour to ask…Could you lend me some money?”
“Sure Lonely-drinker.”
“Yah!” I was going to scold him but he went to cashier to pay for me.

Outside was freezing cold; and I had to wait for a bus to go back home. 
When I stepped on edge of pavement to look whether one was coming, passing car drove straight into big puddle.

Completely soaked with dirty water from the puddle, I only sight. That day was truly awful.
“Alisy, you’ll catch a cold.” Byunghun pointed; I didn’t even realize he was standing near me.
“It’s okay, you can laugh.” I said. “I know I’m all wet and I look funny.”
“Indeed.” He nodded. “Where do you live?”
When I told him my address he pouted. “It’s quite far away from here. And I bet you don’t have money for cab fee.”
“I-I-I d-d-don’t.” I said shaking from cold.

In movie he would give me a ride his luxury car; or would walk me to his own apartment, giving me dry clothes.

But movies is one thing, reality other.


So I couldn't start writing it with Myungsoo; his character didn't fit; knowing how cute&warm Myungsoo in fact is, I couldn;t describe him as rude boy,

so I changed him to Lee Byunghun/L.Joe.

And immediately my little writer's block was gone:P

So my male character is Lee Byunghun (19); son of famous barista who is Winter Rose's owner's friend.

Byunghun acts cool, often rude, and tries to be rebellious bad boy; but under that mask very lovable boy is hidden:)
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