SO I guess I lied...I didn't really have time to catch up on your guys' sets yesterday...I'm sorry. 

But that was because I went to see the movie Wreck-it Ralph with my friends. It was super cute and I really liked it...well I love little kid movies because they make me happy and warm my heart. BUT there were these 6th graders sitting behind us that wouldn't shut was really annoying. But then this lady was like can you guys please be quiet, you're being really rude. And then they shut up...sort of. I wanted to clap for her but I didn't so I clapped for her in my mind. But anyways. Wreck-it Ralph was really cute. And it made me happier after an awful day. SO tomorrow I might go see Skyfall with my friends. Have any of you seen it yet? and is it any good?

Ok now I shall go try to catch up on your guys' sets. Goodbye and hope that you are having a wonderful weekend filled with adventure....and unicorns. 
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