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Holly Alexander; November 26

“Carson, come to the Scorchers game with me.” I demanded out of the blue. The two of us along with Tyler and Emily were sitting in the living room. Well Emily was doing something in the kitchen but she could still hear us.

“The what game?” Emily asked, leaning over the kitchen counter.

“Scorchers.” I answered, not tearing my eyes away from Carson.

“The Perth 20/20 cricket team.” Tyler explained for Emily which caused her to promptly loose interest.

“You already know I’m going to say no. Why bother.” Carson rolled his eyes, before returning his attention to some portable game console thing he’d been playing on.

“But why.” I pouted crawling closer to him on the couch.

“The same reason I wouldn’t become a member with you last year. I don’t do cricket. I don’t understand the game, I don’t like the game and I don’t want to understand it.”

“How do you know you don’t like it if you can’t understand it?” I asked, which seemed like a totally logical argument to me.

“Holly come off of it.” He sighed, not even looking at me which was rude.

“No.” I snapped, snatching the stupid device out of his hand, “I don’t want to go by myself.”

“Well to bad. I don’t want to go.” Carson glared daggers at me, “Stop being such a child Holly.” He snapped, getting up, grabbing his playstationy thing from me and stomping up the stairs.

“I’m not the one throwing a hissy fit.” I muttered under my breath, crossing my arms and sticking out my bottom lip.

“Actually,” Emily started to say but was shut up by a simple look from Tyler. My hero.

“Let’s go out and get something to eat. Holly” He said gently and nope. No longer my hero.

“I swear to god Tyler if this is you babying me.” I said warningly, getting up so that I was taller than him (since he was sitting down and all)

Of course all he actually had to do was stand up and use that warning tone of his “Holly.”

“Fine. Whatever you say daddy.” I cooed, getting up to grab some shoes, “But you sure as hell better be paying.”


“So why are you looking for someone to go to the cricket with you?” Tyler asked me, as we sat at one of the small cafes that littered the streets of Mount Lawley, “Don’t you usually go with your brother and his fiancee?”

“Yes.” I muttered, stabbing my salad perhaps more spitefully than was strictly necessary, “But Penelope has her office Christmas party and Hunter’s been roped into going.”

“That’s tough.” He tsked sympathetically, “When is it?” He asked.

“Sunday December Ninth.” I pouted, taking a bite of my food, “Why? Do you wanna come?” I asked hopefully.

“I’d love to. Cricket holds a special place in my heart.” He smiled all fondly which was nice. Tyler rarely looked actually happy, “But I have court on Monday.” He said.

“Oh I guess I can let that slide.” I put my hand over his comfortingly for a second before squeezing. Tyler’s divorce had been hard on him, mostly because he’d never seen it coming and I’m pretty sure he still loved his wife.

“If you ever need someone for any other game.” He offered though.

“We buy extra tickets so we don’t have to sit next to strangers. Which whenever you want to come you’re welcome.” I smiled at him genuinely before taking a drink of my wine, “I still need someone to come with me for the first game though.”

“Holly you have 10 guys wrapped around your finger at any one time. Ask one of them.” Tyler rolled his eyes, basically mirroring Hunter’s words from earlier in the week. It was frankly offensive they had such a low opinion of me.

“But they ask me. I don’t ask them. That’s not how it works.” I whined, twirling my fork between my fingers, “That basically ruins my image as aloof and mysterious. And besides girls aren’t meant to like sport.” I wrinkled my nose.

“There are none of those boys that know you like sport?” He asked incredulously, “None at all.”

“Well actually,” I said, licking my lips nervously, “I did play soccer with Evie’s brother Benny last weekend and he’s really fit.”

“Well there you go. Problem solver.” He nodded all self satisfied before cutting into his steak.

“It’s not that easy though.” I told him matter of factly.

“Why not?” He asked, looking up at me with a sigh, “Does Evie have a problem with it?”

“No.” I shook my head, “Not really.”

“Is he a horrible jerk.”

“No.” I shook my head again, harder this time, “Far from it.”

“Do you like spending time with him?” Tyler asked, looking more amused than anything now.

“I guess.” I fidgeted, playing with the napkin.

“Then it really is that easy.” He advised, rolling his eyes for luck.

“I still don’t want to call him. I need some mystery.” I whined.

“Well then get him to call you.” Now that is really what wasn’t that easy, “Or suck it up Princess.”
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Very nice set!

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Oh, we both already know i loved this! :)

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