Props to whomever can guess my inspiration for the outfit!

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Wrote 4 years ago
That was a good guess and yes it does!!!!

Wrote 4 years ago
A winner on the first try!

Wrote 4 years ago
A box/package of C&H sugar!?



For the Love of Clothes

For the Love of Clothes

Want a group for outfits only?! This is the group for you! No crazy backgrounds, props, magazine texts, or fluff. This group is dedicated to the love of clothes!
We have a new contest EVERY 3 DAYS!! This is a place to let your creativity shine... just remember.. OUTFITS ONLY!!
Besides clothing, your sets may have:
*Light Shading/Shadows

These things are not allowed:
*Text, OF ANY KIND, including newsprint

Outfits Only Contests

Outfits Only Contests

Because everyone loves more contests! A new contest every 3 days featuring simple outfits only sets =o)
Edit: there were a lot of backed up applications, so I just made it open, BUT if sets don't adhere to the rules, I'll delete them...
BEFORE YOU APPLY for this group,or as a reminder to current members, please read the following rules:
-No backgrounds,borders, models, hairstyles/manicures, unnecessary text (jewelry, makeup products, and signatures are fine), newsprint, clipart, etc. Your set will absolutely not place if these are include and I will delete theme. There are other groups for that!
-To get an idea of what kind of set this group is looking for, please refer to winners of previous contests as a good representation. As part of the application process, I review your previous sets to see if you'd "fit" the group.
-Your designs must be original. I understand that similar themes and items come up in sets, but blatant copying of other's sets will NOT be tolerated. Copycat sets will be deleted. If you are a member and feel like someone has plagiarized one of your sets in the group, please let me know.
-Be nice to everyone!

Amazing Outfits (Outfit Only)

Amazing Outfits (Outfit Only)

This group focuses on the outfit. A set does not have to look like a magazine layout to be amazing. Please note...we are not teenagers, and will most likely not be drawn to sets geared towards the younger generation. Thanks for your interest. Jackie and Bev

The Refined Look - Outfits Only Contests

The Refined Look - Outfits Only Contests

Welcome to The Refined Look, a contest group for classy, couture, and chic outfits!
There will be regular, short contests that will focus on a signature piece or look. Outfits will be judged on coherence and creativity. I look forward to seeing the amazing sets you come up with!
This group has two simple rules:
- Sets should only contain items of clothing and accompanying accessories; please no backgrounds, borders, photographs, or text (signatures are always allowed).
- Sets should not be created with templates.
But most of all, have fun and let your creativity shine!

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