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I just made a Tumblr account:
IT would make me so happy if you checked it out...or followed me!! :)Thanks to @ashley-rebecca for the username idea!
This set is for all my dear polyfriends who I haven't made a holiday set for yet. Thanks for always showing me constant support...thank you all. I REALLY appreciate it~ By the way, I know this isn't my best set....but I tried really hard and it still didn't turn out right!! SO I hope you like it anyways. It's the thought that counts!!! 

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But know that you are an amazing person anyways!! Also, some of you I've already made sets for so I didn't tag you again. But thanks so much for your support. I hope you all have a merry Christmas or Happy Holiday!!! And also have a happy New Year...I hope that it will be filled with happiness and adventure. And more happy stuff. 
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