we the kings - say you like me
i also have a proposition.
i wasnt tagged by anyone, 
but i have an idea, and im going to act on it.
it's no challenge, im just being dramatic.
i say you should make a set, 
and title it with lyrics that describe you.
and then say why.
for example: i picked these lyrics because i like this song and im awkward and forever alone.
then tag seven people!
lets go. my tags:
1. @inkspired 
because i miss your internet presence.
2. @madelina-ballerina 
because i hate you. lol.
3. @celine-roux-laurent 
because you're nice and commented nice shit.
4. @thestreetwalk 
because there's a guy in my math class who looks like your icon. im sure you're nice too though.
5. @vividfirefly 
because you like chcoclate milkshakes. and you seem cool.
6. @flesheatingoreo 
because you're cool. and your username. yeah.
7. @jademalfoy 
because realitly doesnt impress you.
if this tagging offends you, im sorry.
PM me a picture of your least favorite fruit.
you dont have to say why you tagged those people, but it is fun.
lets commence this (hopefully! eee!) fun-ness.
love to all,
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Wrote three years ago
@sarsaa i like you for saying you like this

Wrote three years ago
i like this

Wrote 4 years ago
Ha what little miss @madeline-ballerina

Wrote 4 years ago
Shuddup, woman. You don't hate me. Ha,





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