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now, this is sort of a TPA discussion thread. before we officially start (i'm planning next monday we can kick off with our first event and stuff?) just a few things to settle.

1. clique name.
yes, we still haven't decided on one. so throw out any suggestions (i think the last time i said 'the elites' ... but yeah ... haha!) & we'll choose by votes. :)

2. collections
i know some are up and have tagged me (i shall go look at 'em all right after this ;) ) but for those who still have yet to make one PLEASE do it by this weekend. and tag everyone in the group so we can check 'em out too.

3. boys.
i'm in the midst of starting the collection for the guys. i'll publish them in the tpa official account and shall tag everyone - please put up bio/info for the guys that you'll be interested in yourselves. 

... yes i am a very lazy person. lol! but i'm guessing this is the best way for everyone to get involved too.

i might miss something so do comment below. AND YES, WE'RE FINALLY GOING TO START!! 

ps. once we have a clique name, i shall start putting up the group info. :)
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