Outfit inspired by Macbarbie07 on youtube, her new year outfit idea video.


ABC Quiz
What to do... Fill out the questions and make a set called 'ABC About Me Quiz' tag 20 people and tag me as well :)

I was tagged by @rainbowsprinkles101 :D

Available: single
Birthday: September 8th
Crush: Ron Weasley (obvs)
Drink you last had: Peppermint tea (two sugars hehe)
Easiest person to talk to: my bestfriend @beckyhandley
Favourite song: hard one.... of all time - Ordinary people by John Legend and right at this second - Stay stay stay by Taylor Swift
Gummy bears or Gummy Bears: I'll take them all
Hometown: Somewhere on Earth :')
In love with anyone: Umm no
J.... there was no question!!! Sooo, ill make one up
Jam or chutney: Jammmmm! I don't even like jam that much, sorry it's a really random question but I couldn't think of anything beginning with J xx
Killed someone: me? no.
Longest car ride: 5 hours of pain
Milkshake flavour: vanilla :)
Number of siblings: 1
One Wish: More wishes pleeeease ;)
Person that you called last: I think it was Becky but not sure :)
Q... nothing for Q either... Letmethinkkk
Quiet makes you feel: like I want to talk loudly hehe
Reason to smile: Family, friends, music, food, my hens, owls, oh and that thing.... fashion :D
Song you last sang: singing along to the Taylor Swift ablum Red right now x
Time you woke up: not sure, around 8:30
Underwear colour: .... wierd question ....
V... nothing soooo
Vegetarian?: sort of! I hardly ever eat meat and if I do it's only chicken in some sort of batter of breadcrumbs - no bones or in curry made by my auntie OR minced beef in spag bol... yeah im strange :D
X-rays you've had: teeth/mouth
Years living where you live: I think it's 11
Zodiac Sign: virgo

Random Questions!! (are you serious (added by @miss-zaphy))
Favourite animal: hens, owls,elephants, giraffes, cats
Least favourite colours: Sicky yellows and greens :p
What are you listening to: My iPod which right at this second is playing 22 by Taylor Swift
What is your favourite class in school: Art
When do you start back at school: too soon
Are you outgoing: im kinda shy
Favourite pair of shoes: ummm this is difficult.. at the moment I'd say my blowfish winter boots
Can you dance: Sort of
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth: WHAT?!
Can you whistle: no :'(
Cross your eyes: of course >.<
Walk with your toes curled: I think so
Do you believe there is life on other planets: Don't want to think about it coz I recently watched Prometheous :OOOO
Do you believe in miricales: yup *.*
Do you believe in magic: no sorry
Do you believe in Santa: the one exception ;) yes
Do you like rollercoasters? Seriously? NO!
Have you ever been on a plane: happy to say quite a lot of times :D
Have you ever asked someone out: no way!
Have you ever been asked out by someone: yeh
Have you ever been in the ocean: yeah!
Have you almost drowned in the ocean: no, in a swimming pool...
What is the temperature outside: can't be bothered finding out ;D
What radio station do you listen to: radio 1
What was the last thing you bought: a cinema ticket to see Pitch Perfect a few days ago with ma girlies. It's an amaaazing film - you have to watch it!
What was the last thing on TV you watched: Miranda << love her ;)
Who was the last person you took a picture of: myself :/
Ever really cried your heart out: hasn't everybody?
Ever cried on a friends shoulder: I don't think I have but not sure. I know a friend has cried on mine :)
Ever cried yourself to sleep? Yeah :'(
Ever cried over the opposite sex: proud to say no
Do songs make you cry: yeahhh
Are you a happy person: I have my ups and downs but I am generally very happy :D
What is your current hair colour: dark brown - urrgg that sounds so boring so I'll say BRUNETTE <3

Taggies (I'm really sorry if u don't like tags guys from @miss-zaphy ) I've only done 10 instead of 20 oops!

@staybeautifulxoxo-reanne @barbarela11 @girlwithpearl16 @are-you-with-me @dora-hegyes @katybug999 @katie-chivs @insert-all-magic-here @mandapanda770 @are-you-with-me

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Romantic world

Romantic world

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White dress

White dress

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