♫ | M83 - Midnight City
Name: Wang Meilin
Age: 20
Occupation/Major/Etc: Cinema Studies
Likes: black and white movies, movie costumes, parties, opulence, expensive jewels, absinthe, makeup, high heels, her boyfriend, cameras
Dislikes: her family, being told what to do, ugly prints, bad acting, movie snobs, chipped nails, windy days, butchered plastic surgery, dubstep, Terry Richardson, fake nails
Bio: Little, fragile Meilin... The daughter of a famous plastic surgeon and a movie actress, Meilin spent most of her life confined to the family's mansion because she was born with a heart condition. Her problem had been fixed when she was born, but her parents didn't think it was appropriate for her to mingle with other kids because she could get hurt or bullied. Meilin was home schooled until now, when she rebelled against her parents and decided to go to college and to fall in love and generally act reckless. The Wang household certainly does not approve of the boyfriend, who's clearly a bad influence and it's only a matter of time before Meilin gets into trouble...

… and trouble is what Gatsby has brought to Meilin's life. The decadence lifestyle that Jay Gatsby leads is what has attracted Meilin, who turned from sheltered teenager into a nightlife addict, looking for refuge on absinthe. It doesn't help that her boyfriend, Hyo, facilitates drugs to her either. He never talks about who he gets the drugs from, but Meilin is almost certain that Gatsby has something to do with it. If anyone from her family knows something about Jay Gatsby, that's Meilin's father, Bai Li, who would rather avoid the subject. Something's happened between her father and Gatsby and that's for Meilin to find out, after partying hard, of course.
Model: Xiao Wen Ju
Taken By: @ingrid


The XX – Intro
Marina & the Diamonds – Fear and Loathing
Lana Del Rey – Ride
Bruno Mars – Natalie
M83 – Midnight City
Lady GaGa – Fashion Of His Love
The Killers – Miss Atomic Bomb
Sky Ferreira – Red Lips
Kid CuDi – Pursuit of Happiness
The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses
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Wrote 4 years ago
I love this set, and this character! Xiao Wen Ju is fabulous!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
love it<3

Wrote 4 years ago
This is gorgeous. Obviously.
And ohmygosh, I love the character :)



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