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Little, fragile Meilin... The daughter of a famous plastic surgeon and a movie actress, Meilin spent most of her life confined to the family's mansion because she was born with a heart condition. Her problem had been fixed when she was born, but her parents didn't think it was appropriate for her to mingle with other kids because she could get hurt or bullied. Meilin was home schooled until now, when she rebelled against her parents and decided to go to college and to fall in love and generally act reckless. The Wang household certainly does not approve of the boyfriend, who's clearly a bad influence and it's only a matter of time before Meilin gets into trouble...

… and trouble is what Gatsby has brought to Meilin's life. The decadence lifestyle that Jay Gatsby leads is what has attracted Meilin, who turned from sheltered teenager into a nightlife addict, looking for refuge on absinthe. It doesn't help that her boyfriend, Hyo, facilitates drugs to her either. He never talks about who he gets the drugs from, but Meilin is almost certain that Gatsby has something to do with it. If anyone from her family knows something about Jay Gatsby, that's Meilin's father, Bai Li, who would rather avoid the subject. Something's happened between her father and Gatsby and that's for Meilin to find out, after partying hard, of course.
Model: Xiao Wen Ju
Taken By: @ingrid


Wang Ai Wen, 48
The concerned mother
Ai Wen had it all, including a wonderful movie career in Hollywood. No one had batted an eyelash at her unexpected pregnancy in the prime of her career, au contraire, she got more recognition from her peers. Everyone loved her. Then came the second pregnancy, a high risk one. She found seclusion in the Hamptons, where she would raise her child without having paparazzi shoving their noses in the house's fence to get a good picture of the baby.

Ai Wen almost died the day Meilin was born. She would've given her life to save her baby, though, which is why she did everything she could to save the baby who was born with a heart defect. If it wasn't fixed quickly, the baby would die. Lucky for her, science was blossoming and with it came hope. Meilin was saved but the scare made the parents establish some ridiculous rules to raise their kid.
Model: Maggie Cheung

Wang Bai Li, 51
The strict father
Bai Li is one of the best surgeons in all of North America, his work has been praised by both the celebs who go under his knife and the people who adore those celebs. He got married to the beautiful Hollywood actress Ai Wen at a young age, when she tried to get surgery and he refused to do it because she was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Besides, she was young and had a wonderful movie career ahead. She felt flattered and asked him out on a date, which lead to one thing and another. 

The day his second child was born, he almost lost the baby /and/ the wife. After the scare, he decided to keep his family safe and that included forbidding his children to go to school like a normal kid. Everything they did, they did it from home. Wen Xiu rebelled first, at eighteen, when she moved out of their house with her girlfriend. Bai Li was devastated that his oldest child had chosen to leave her family behind and he really hoped to keep Meilin close forever. But nothing lasts forever, and the day Meilin came home with a boyfriend was the day he knew things wouldn't be the same.
Model: Andy Lau

Wang Wen Xiu, 23
The neglected sibling
Her parents always paid more attention to Meilin than to Wen Xiu, causing some tension between sisters. Wen Xiu was told to keep a close eye on her sister and to defend her if anything was to happen, which is why Wen Xiu put Meilin first above all things. She feels relieved that her little sister is finally living on her own terms, but she doesn't exactly approve of her sister's actions and it's even worse to know that her girlfriend hangs out with her sister.
Model: Sun Feifei


Hyo Jae Hwa, 21
The rebellious boyfriend
Immature and spontaneous, Hyo is the best and the worst thing that has happened to Meilin. They met the day Meilin went to get a tattoo with her friends. He's a flirt and while Meilin doesn't approve of an open relationship, she doesn't want to let go because her parents don't approve of Hyo and Meilin rejoices on that fact.
Model: Noma Han

Elijah 'Eli' Ellis, 25
The hopeless best friend
Eli met Meilin at a party. She sneaked into it but someone found her and Elijah covered for her. They became instant friends and have been that way ever since. But Elijah has developed feelings towards her and he's afraid they might not be reciprocated because he's not daring like Hyo.
Model: Aidan Turner


Ah-Lam Cai, 21
The one whose life Meilin lives vicariously through
Meilin's closest friend at the Gatsby mansion. Ah-Lam and Meilin bonded over jewelry at one of Jay Gatsby's notorious parties. No one seems to know what Ah-Lam sees in someone as meekly and boring as Meilin, but that's changing quickly thanks to Ah-Lam and the rest of Meilin's best friends, who help her break all the rules and live her life to the fullest with the help of something nicknamed the green fairy.
Model: Ming Xi

Zara Ocean-Wilde, 21

Elijah 'Eli' Ellis, 25
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