✞ Lana ✞ 
> Where: On a Caribbean private island.
> When: April 18th
> Makeup / Hair : Loose Curls and dyed a darker brown.
> Scent : Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs
> Soundtrack : One Way Trigger || The Strokes
> Tags: @young-and-loaded 

> It was April 18th and Lana found herself in the warm bed located in a beautiful beach house on a private island somewhere in Caribbeans. Originally Lana and Brendon had wanted to stay at a beautiful semi-private island about a ten minute boat ride from where they were now which was merely just a blob along the horizon from the beach of the island. But when Lana and Brendon had arrived at the island to check in the owner had immediately realized who Lana and Brendon were. He told them about an island he owned which had a lovely private beach house and private beach and everything they would need in the next little while. The man had insisted they stay there because it would not bring unwanted paparazzi if someone on the other island they had initially wanted to stay at found out they were there. Plus they were both sure the man wanted advertisement for this island of his if Lana and Brendon put in a good word. Lana didn't mind though and she was sure that Brendon didn't either, they both liked the privacy. They had arrived in the afternoon yesterday but it had not been until about 2:00PM that they arrived here and had fully unpacked. But still it was nice time considering the flights were at nice hours and the weather had been good flying weather meaning they didn't arrive at a horrible time. Plus they had enough time to explore the island, the beautiful ring like shaped island with the house on the outside and a hike they could take up the cliff side which led to the center of the island where there was a lovely waterfall and swimming area they could jump in. Honeymoon number two, basically. Lana shuffled around a bit in her spot wrapping her arm back around her husband as her eyes opened a bit to look up at her husband whom she noticed was also awake. The petite girl pressed her lips gently to his. "I love waking up in a warm climate, this is beautiful." Lana felt great and like she was completely renewed from the stressed out state she had been in before.
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Wrote 4 years ago
"We could bring my mom for sure,we would be dead if we didn;t take her with us if we got out vows renewed..and I think my bandmates would come,but I dunno if Jackson and Marnie can or will be able to." He nodded and kissed her cheek lightly."We just need to focus upon what we are doing here on our vacation,not about what we are gonna do after we get off of this vacation."

Wrote 4 years ago
"Maybe just a few people like your mom, my parents, your bandmates and just a few other people." Lana looked up at him running a hand through her hair as she looked up at him. "But we will have to see, I mean we have some time until then and first we'll have a lot that we will have to focus on until then. Like the CD release in New York in just a while. I rented out the place on a fake name and I sent my friend there so they believe there is an actual person. I'll need to send out invites as well and all that. Try to get some attention from press as well. That is why it is good to invite all those celebrities who participated in the video along with others who are just close friends. Of course they won't know why they are actually there."

Wrote 4 years ago
"Hmm,maybe..I mean,I think we should just have a private ceremony with Sebby and then just renew our vows with just him." Brendon voiced his opinion and nodded,"I don't think Sara and Jules would be willingly to fly over with all eight kids,even now since Sara is pregnant." He rubbed his head and shurgged,"We'll have to see my love." He added softly and kissed her temple.

Wrote 4 years ago
"You know I was thinking about something, what if we had some sort of party at our home just like the wedding reception for our second anniversary and did that every year just as a way to really remember that day and share it with the people who were there when we did make our vows. Then after we could take a flight over to England and Paris and spend time there just like our honeymoon but with Sebastian. I mean Sebastian still had not seen the English home and I think he would absolutely adore it." Lana opened her eyes and gently rubbed his shoulder.


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