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I got so many compliments on my new hair cut, I'm so happy! Even my friends who I know will tell me the truth even liked it! Some people even said I look like Zoey Deschanel, which is a huge compliment because she is my idol. Today it was really awkward because when my latin teacher was taking attendance he looked at me and was like "look like we have a new student in class" and the entire class turned to look and me and didn't say anything....ugh why does my latin class have to be so awkward lol. but i still love my teacher, he's a sassy old man:) he also said that on thursday he's going to assign partners to write love poems in latin in honor of valentines day, and i really really really hope I get paired with the hot guy in my class! in gym we went bowling at a legitimate bowling alley and got paired with a really b**** girl, but I beat her by 40 points so that was good lol. so excited for pretty little liars tonight:D

P.S. Thank you so much for 250+ likes and all your sweet comments on one of my sets, that's so crazy! If you haven't seen the set yet, here it is:
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