Going live in 5, 4, 3, 2, ....

1. CNY is here! Time to celebrate with mandarin oranges and festive cookies! I just ate my reunion dinner and it was perfect. Never laughed so hard or ate so well in a long time. I love my family :) Can't wait to see the rest of my extended family tomorrow/day after! 
2. This week was pretty rushed, I was in the OT for a Valentine's Day Initiative, and many proposals and publicity had to be done. The idea is to hand-deliver brownies to the friends of those who purchase them. The funny part of it all is the song dedication — those who purchase the brownies would like the councillors (that's me) to sing a song to their friend, and we have to do that ughh. It's both interesting and yet embarrassing at the same time :p Hopefully they don't pick any songs with high notes!
3. This set is for the wonderful @de-si-ree. Happy birthday ma ami! It's the big old 30! Love what you hold, and stay gold! Wishing you lots of happiness (especially with your husband) and that you will never stop smiling :) 
4. Tell me, Internet friends, what is one good thing which happened to you today? For me, it would be the reunion dinner with my family. I love eating steamboat and ah, the fellowship with them was amazing.
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