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>Women live longer in Macedonia. Their average life is 74 years, while that of men is 70.
>Macedonia has 34 mountain peaks exceeding 2,000 meters and 53 natural or artificial lakes.
>The Ohrid Lake is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe.
>The town of Ohrid and Lake Ohrid have been placed under the protection of UNESCO as an outstanding environment. 
>The town of Krushevo is the highest in Macedonia (1,350 meters), while Gevgelija is the lowest, at an altitude of only 45 meters. 
>There are over 22 museums in Macedonia with an annual number of more than 400,000 visitors. 
>The documentary film entitled 'Dae' directed by Stole Popov was nominated in 1980 for the most prestigious filaccolade in the world the Academy Award. The Macedonian Film "Before the Rain", directed by Milcho Manchevski was nominated for the 1995 Academy Award for best foreign film, after having previously won the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival. 
>Ten professional theatre companies are active in Macedonia, presenting more than 1,000 performances each year.
>The founder of the modern Macedonian theatre is Vojdan Chernodrinski ('Macedonian Blood Wedding', 1901).
>There is an Opera and a Ballet company active within the framework of the Macedonian National Theatre, Skopje.The first opera by a Macedonian composer, 'Goce', by Kiril Makedonski, was performed on May 24, 1954. The first Macedonian ballet was 'A Macedonian Story' by the composer Gligor Smokvarski, performed in 1953. 
>The best known summer tourist and resort centres in Macedonia are Ohrid, Prespa and Dojran. In winter, the ski centres of Popova Shapka, Mavrovo, Pelister, Krushevo and Ponikva attract the greatest number of visitors. Among the better known spas are those of Bansko (Strumica), Debar, Negorci (Gevgelija) and Kechovica (Shtip). 
>Macedonia's cultural heritage is exceptionally rich, as is testified to by the large number of old churches and monasteries and their icons and frescoes. The oldest and the most renowned are the churches of St. Sophia and the Holy Virgin of Perivleptos in Ohrid.Oriental cultural and historical heritage on the territory of Macedonia is also significant. Its best known examples are the Kurshumli An caravansarai, the Daut Pasha Baths, the Mustapha Pasha Mosque in Skopje and the Painted (colored) Mosque in Tetovo. 
>In 1905, the brothers Milton and Janaki Manaki shot the first filmed material in the Balkans in their native town of Bitola and thus laid the foundations of 'the seventh art' in this region.
>The Skopje Zoo is the first established in the Balkans.
>Macedonia is renowned for its folklore which has been carefully nurtured by many professional and amateur ensembles. The 'Tanec' folk dance and song ensemble has been the ambassador of Macedonian folklore to all the continents of the world. 
>The most popular sport is soccer with 525 clubs, followed in popularity by basketball, handball, volleyball, wrestling, swimming and karate. The development of sports is the concern of sports associations and of the Macedonian Olympic Committee.
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