Can it please just be Spring already?
It snowed today and I am so completely done with snow omg
Okay, so track started last week and my mom made me do it. I really did not want to do it because I enjoy running when it's for fun, I would rather not be competitive with it. Most of my friends know that I am really fast and could have easily made the team because we had to run 200 meters in 34.5 seconds (for freshman) and I ran 36. I didn't make the team because I didn't run the time. I was really happy about this, but I knew I wasn't going to make it because I kind of made sure I didn't... But I feel like nobody believes me when I tell them that and it's really bothering me because I honestly purposely didn't make the team. I know at least one of my friends believes me though because she was like "Jackie, why didn't you run faster?! You could've easily done that!" (We were practicing together over the weekend to make sure we could do it) But I don't even care anymore. No one listens to anything I have to say. Even in like groupchats on my phone everyone will completely ignore whatever I say sometimes. 
I just realized the keyboard on my macbook automatically lights up in the dark. I was leaning over it and the lights went on then I leaned back and they went off so I kept doing it and it still happened. Idk I thought it was pretty k00L. heh
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