My grandfather passed away two years ago. Growing up without parents, life wasn't easy for me but who cares I have my defender, my daddy. Through whatever I went through I always had his support. He won't tolerate any bullying or oppression I received. He always fought for me .He was very proud of me. Many got jealous because I was his favorite grandchild. He was the only one who believed in me while everyone doubted, mocked and judged me. He said all that he wanted was to see to it that I will have a decent life when I grow up. When he passed away it was so painful that I didn't want to remember it, I just want to forget him and everything that reminded me of him. The pain was too much I wished I had died with him that day and at some point I thought I did. When he left he already took a part of me, I can never be complete. This song I clipped here, There You'll Be by Faith Hill is the song that best describes what he was to me and what I feel for him. I could not listen to this song anymore as it is so painful and I just wouldn't stop crying. My dad was an honorable man, a hardworking father, a decent man who died with integrity and pride. He cared for the poor, he helped people in need even if he had nothing left for himself. Many people say he's too strict or whatever but they didn't know him as much as I did. He may be a disciplinarian but he never lets anger cloud his merciful heart. My dad was the kindest and most hardworking person I know. He was the only one who cared for me so much. I wish I can thank him everyday for the person he raised me to be. I am me because of him. I love you so much daddy! I can never say goodbye.. Wish you were here!
**TOP SET FOR MARCH 24 2013**
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