April 14, 2013.

UGH well I know I already used that picture of Miranda but I couldn't find any other pictures. And UGH ALL MY SETS ARE STARTING TO LOOK ALIKE AND I WANNA CRY BECAUSE I CAN'T MAKE GOOD SETS ANYMORE :(

I haven't been inspired in such a long time and it's kinda sad. And my parents are really annoying me. Especially my dad. Everything I do seems to offend or upset him and he's always all like why don't you smile more, don't you love our family, blah blah blah. And I'm kinda sick guys, I had a fever yesterday. But I think I feel a bit better now. And I don't know what to wear with my dress, should I wear a cardigan? And if I do what color? 
Well time to go finish my math and then I'll be catching up on sets. Byeeeeee I wish you all a super amazing coming week :D
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