so last night was horrible because anthony basically told me his girlfriend was telling him not to talk to me if he wanted to be with her. anthony and i had a talk and i couldnt get over the whole situation so i ended up walking out on him at the restaurant. i woke up early morning for my business class and my partner, James, was there with all of our research but he realized i wasn't really in the mood so he kind of did everything for the day. after the two hours of class were up, i walked out and James caught up with me. "Hey, you ok?" he asked.
"Yeah." I nodded and kept walking. 
"You didnt say a word in class and i know you had something to say about the fashion industry when the professor brought it up." 
"i wasn't really paying attention." I replied as i adjusted my books on my arm.
"You still up for tonight? we only have two pages left but if you dont want to come, i totally understand." 
"I'll text you with the answer by tonight, promise." 
"I can just come over if you'd like and we can just work together from there. who needs a library anyway?" James shrugged as he followed me down the stairs. 
"James, i'm in a bad mood, i'm not stupid!" I laughed softly. "I'll just let you know by tonight...sorry." 
"I tried my best. Come on, I'll walk you to your car." He said with a smirk on his tan face.

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Wrote 6 years ago
nice set. <3 psh, forget anthony, james is here! lol

Wrote 7 years ago
omg, soo good, love it. really amazing. pls can you check out my sets -

Wrote 7 years ago
whoa, anthony is a total butt.

Wrote 7 years ago



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