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Top Set for May 9th 2013
Thank you so much everyone, specially @polyvore and @polyvore-editorial!

I was tagged by @moonlit-night a while ago! Thank you for the tag, dear, I'm sorry it took me this long :)

1. why'd your parents name you the name you have? My dad registered me and decided, for whatever reason, he should name me Sofia - which he did and for which I thank him. But it just so happens that my brother (who was 4 years-old at the time) wanted to name me Marta, because of our cousin who he met a while before. So I am now one of the few Sofia Marta's of the world.
2. do you like your handwriting? Yes and no. In classes and when I write with certain pens or pencils, it's just really ugly and pointy. Other times, it just flows and looks lovely.

3. last thing you ate? Rice and fish and some things that I have no idea how to say in English. And yogurt.

4. are you a hopeless romantic like me? No offense, but I might be more hopelessly romantic than you ;)

5. if you could have lunch with five people dead or alive, which 5 people would you pick? I'd pick my virtual friends, but then there wouldn't be enough seats for all. I could really go all intellectual here, but I'm just going to say Paramore and my two virtual sisters. That'd be fun!

6. what's one of your biggest regrets? Not taking enough chances? I play on the safe side a lot, it's just my nature. I fight against it a lot, though.
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