Ok, just because, I can't believe they're already 20!! my loves http://www.youtube.com/user/JacksGap/videos

I was tagged by @mikalover, thank hun, I'll just answer tonight x
1.Do you lick ice creams or bite them?
lick!! Biting is cold on your teeth!!
2.What's your favorite movie?
Probably John Tucker Must Die. Or the Notebook.
3.Most played song currently?
Something Red Hot Chili Peppers.... my dad borrowed my laptop once and I only had one Red Hot Chili Peppers song on there, so he put it on repeat for the entire night, it didn't stop playing until morning and now my friends think I am a fully on rock fan (ps I don't hate RHCP, I just don't loooove them. They're alright!)
4.Are you a romantic person?
Yeeaasssss :*
5.Do you like talking on the phone?
Nup. It could give me brain cancer....
6.Do you believe in God?
7.What's your favourite flower?
Not sure yet, when my most perfect boy buys me a bunch of something beautiful, I think they'll be my favourite. I like daisies though :)
8.Cats or dogs?
Dog person all the way.... I'm allergic to cats... I think kittens are adorable but lots of cats seem mean :'(
9.What's your zodiac sign?
The Bull? I think....
10.What is your current desktop picture?
A collage of Finn and Jack Harries............. oh goodness.
11. Ever been in love?
I think so. But they didn't/haven't had the chance to love me back.
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