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Top Set for Jun 24th, 2013 - Thank you so very much @polyvore!!! My second Top Set featuring my gorgeous lady Miranda Kerr :-)


18.06.13 - well, yeah, hello again :D I'm back! Woohoo! And I really don't know what to think of this set, but nevermind! 
MY FINAL EXAMS WENT BETTER THAN I EXPECTED!!!! I got a 1 (A) in German and English and a 4 (D) in Maths, of which I thought I would get a 5 (E) in :D 
The only bad thing happened yesterday. We had one exam left. We all knew we passed everything well, but we NEEDED to do that one oral exam. Because I had a 3 (C) in Geography, Biology and Chemics I needed to choose between those three in which I want to do the exam in. I choosed Geography. And I regret it. They gave me something I've NEVER in my entire life seen before!!! I almost cried, seriously. I mean, after a whole week of doing nothing but studying it was pretty depressing to know that I didn't even needed to study, because I didn't knew that thing anyway. Oh, and my Geography teacher also doesn't like me so... Well, to become better and get a 2 (B) on my certificate I needed to talk myself a 1 (A). But because I didn't knew my theme and said just something which sounded logical to me, I got a 4 (D). It means that I keep my 3(C) in Geography, but I'm still so upset! We were inside in groups and I knew everything about the themes of the people I was in the exam with. That was so damn mean!!!! Arrrgh, I'm still so mad, but okay. I passed through, I keep my Grade point average and just be happy about being so damn awesome in German and English :D
Oh Guys, this was quite complicated, I'm sorry. But I just needed to leave it out somewhere :D

I HAVE A BLU RAY/DVD PLAYER!!! FINALLY I CAN WATCH ALL OF MY DVDS AGAIN! AFTER THAT LONG TIME!!!! I ordered myself "The Silence Of The Lambs" and it came in today. I love that movie :D My first Blu Ray. Will watch it right after this post.

I've got one more thing to tell, which is just so typical me.
Yesterday morning my mom brought me, like everyday, to school. I was in a rush, because I needed to be punctual for the exam (I'm always punctual, but that's not the point here :D). I got out of the car, my mom asked me something and so I bent forward a little to answer. When I did, I slammed the door and slammed it right behind my ear. It's hard to explain, I just show you a picture :D The result of this little something is a skull contusion :D

And I just gotta say that I love my grandma so much. Yesterday I went to visit my grandparents. My grandma promised me a new bead for my Trollbeads bracelet for my graduation and when we went to the jeweler, she said that I can choose two! And I was just like Whoaaaaaaaaat? Oo Because these things are not so cheap.
...I picked out these:
and I love them!

Oh and I finally have one of these new 5€ note and I hate it. Seriously, it looks like play money, yeah, like...Monopoly money. But I'm too stingy to buy something just to get them out of my purse :D

Hmm, I think that's it for now.
Looooooooooooove xxx

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