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was tagged by @alifaiueo thanks hun

a - available: yes

b - birthday: september 19th 1998

c - crushing on: wifi
d - drink you last had: hot coffee

e - easiest person to talk to: my mom, my bestfriend, my diary lol

f - favorite song: its a lot i can't write them all lol umm maybe every Lana's songs and One Direction and A Rocket To The Moon
g - gummy bears or gummy worms: why pick one if you can pick both?

h - hometown: bekasi, west java, Indonesia
i - in love with: food & internet & music & bed & cute guys i can't have
k - killed someone: i hate almost everyone at my
school and i've many times killed them in my mind oops
l - longest car ride: about 12 hours when i was go to Bali by bus i think

m - milkshake flavor: cookies and cream & vanilla
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: how about unlimited wishes bc i have a lot of wishes??
p - person that you called last: my mom
r - reason to smile: friends and family and food
s - song you last sang: summertime sadness by Lana

t - time you woke up: school: 05.30am but when holiday idk holiday means fucked up sleeping pattern but i usually wake up at 10am
u - underwear color: transparent loljk
v - vegetable: potatoes!! no i mean french fries

w - worst habit: bite my nails, lazy, sometimes mean
x - x-rays you've had: never
y - years living where you live: 15 with my mom and dad
z - zodiac sign: virgo
favorite animal: rabbit and cheetah and tiger ugh its a lot but i hate bugs
what color do you wear most?: blue, pink, white, black
least favorite color: pink, purple, pastel colours, white
what are you listening to: one direction
can you whistle?: yESSSS
do you believe in miracles?: not really
do you believe in magic?: maybe yes
love at first sight?: lol yes
do you believe in santa?: nope
do you like roller coasters?: no i'm too scared
have you ever been on a plane?: yes
have you ever been to the ocean?: yes
what was the last thing you bought?: a victoria's secret perfume
what was the last thing on tv you watched?: coraline

do you cry when you get an injury?: depends

do songs make you cry?: sometimes
are you a happy person?: 45% happy with my life (its doesn't mean i'm not grateful ok)
what is your current hair color?: dark brown
your eye color?: dark brown

short or long hair?: long

height?: 156cm

i pick random people:
1. @askamila 
2. @pretty-basic 
3. @ctodtims 
4. @shoreline-diamonds 
5. @cauchemar-exquis 
6. @fashxo 
7. @goldereux 
8. @harunialifa 
9. @admir-ing 
10. @j-elegance 
11. @kiranarba 
12. @lara-jess 
13. @maartinavg 
14. @nauditaolivia 
15. @child-of-the-tropics 
16. @putreaaw 
17. @qeisha 
18. @rachelgasm 
19. @skyinjuly 
20. @tararisoni

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