Addison Gonzales || cps 

A short--poorly written--intro just to explain Addison's disappearance. [For those who don't know, Addison is an older character of mine that I have brought back for this roleplay.]

365 days.
It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been 365 days since I have called this bustling metropolis my home. A full year has lapsed since my scorned roommate ousted me from our lush Upper West Side apartment, sending me back to my parents’ home in Long Island with my tail between my legs. 
And what a year it has been. A year full of: waitressing at a dirty diner, collecting shitty tips with a fake smile plastered to my face; having late night booty calls with a guy who swears to his fiancé that I am “just a friend;” missing everything that I became accustomed to: my friends, shopping, Starbucks, and privacy; holding my mother’s hand as I sat through my parents’ painful divorce, all the while helping her plan my aunt’s wedding; saving every cent to move back into the real world; and above all, realizing that life is made up of tiny stories with endings and beginnings that you have to write all on your own.
So this is a new story about a new girl. 
A new Addison. 

@wakeupfarah I'm really excited for this shiz to begin, in case you couldn't tell.
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Wrote three years ago
Sweet looks :)

Wrote three years ago
Great set!!! :))))

Wrote three years ago
This was so exciting to read. I cant wait for more! Love the set too!

Wrote three years ago
seriously, just stop it. stop it right now because i'm so excited and im super excited that you're so excited and i just can't wait till fridayyyyyyyy


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