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Naomi Winter,
Wives and Girlfriends

Thursday, July 18; The touring team and all us WAGs are meeting for dinner in the hotel restaurant.

I held onto Carter's hand as we entered the formal looking hotel restaurant where the other players and their partners had gathered. Everyone wore smiles on their face; I, too, wore a smile as it was good to see everyone in the one place. It also gave the men a chance to relax before the big game.

"Did you want a drink of anything?" Carter asked, speaking gently into my ear. I felt his breath on my neck which made my knees feel as if they were made of jelly. I took a moment before regaining composure, "yes, please." 

Carter sensed the change, perhaps, through my body language and being so close. "What of?" he asked, kissing my cheek. "Surprise me" I smiled, returning the kiss on his cheek as he wandered toward the bar. 

Everyone had gathered in separate groups, speaking and chatting about game plans. I knew the boys would have no chance at 'relaxing,' after all, the big game was the only thing playing on their mind right now. I decided to sit at the long, reserved table and allow my eyes to scan the room. 

I may have seemed not very social but the truth was, I still wasn't getting used to the time differences and also, the fact that my feet ached from my morning jog. I couldn't stop being the fitness junky I was, it just wasn't possible to leave her behind. 

"You look tired too" a voice interrupted my thoughts and caused me to jump in my seat. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you" the red haired girl spoke as she gestured to the seat next to me. 

I nodded, giving her the instruction that she could accompany me. "It's fine, just off in la-la land, don't mind me" I laughed lightly. 

"I know that place quite well myself, nice scenery, right?" the girl joked, causing me to smile wide. "I'm Annabelle but you can call me Belle" she introduced herself, extending her hand. 

I took it and shook it gently, "Naomi but you can call me any nickname you think of" I paused, "as long as it doesn't make me want to hit you." I added a cheeky smile at the end so she didn't take my humour as an insult. 

"I'd imagine there aren't many nicknames for Naomi so I'll just call you that" Belle replied, smiling. I nodded; it was true. I hadn't received many nicknames in my day. I mean, there were a few but I'd rather not repeat them. 

"So, how are you settling to the new place?" Belle asked, genuinely interested in how I was getting comfortable. 

"I'm getting there, slowly and gradually" I replied.

"Yeah, it takes some getting used to" Belle said, nodding. "Could be worse though" she paused, "you could have being here in Winter." 

I laughed lightly, "True I can't stand the cold at all."

"I don't think many people can" Belle commented, smiling also. Carter politely interrupted us, handing me a drink and telling me he'd be back shortly. He wanted to talk with the boys. Probably more game talk, knowing Carter. He was getting excited now that it was all becoming so real. 

"Carter seems to have settled in nicely" Belle observed as I sipped my lemonade. "Yeah, when he isn't looking like a zombie as a result of training." 

"Yeah, I don't know how the boys endure such rough training sessions sometimes" she nodded. I knew how he felt, especially when I had competitions coming up. Luckily, in Australia it was winter and I was only training and practising for the next summer season. 

 "It can get hectic" I nodded. "Are you enjoying having a small vacation from your own work and sports field?" Belle asked me. She was full of questions and genuinely interested. I don't think I'd ever met someone so polite. Besides my own boyfriend, of course. 

"I never really stop" I chuckled. "I always exercise when I can, I'm a complete fitness nut" I admitted, smiling sheepishly.

"And I am the complete opposite" Belle said with a sheepish smile on her face. I rolled my eyes, "I doubt that, I mean look at you" I said, nodding toward her.

"Just luck. Seriously if you ever get a chance ask Connor about my sporting prowess" Belle said with laugh. 

I raised an eyebrow, "You do know that you said that, I will now hunt your boyfriend down and make him tell me." 

"You are overestimate my boyfriend, he would tell you if just asked" Belle said, shaking her head. "No need to hunt him down."

"You don't get annoyed that he could potentially blurt out an embarrassing story?" I raised an eyebrow and flashed a cheeky smile.

Belle returned the smile, rolling her eyes playfully, "I'm a journalist, if you don't hear it from him, you're bound to hear it in the media" she explained. 

I nodded, understanding that. I only had the media follow me in swarms when big comps were coming up, during now and then, the dial was turned down. "And I really can't help it, I do so many silly things" Belle admitted. 

"Ah, don't we all, don't we all" I sighed, smiling as I continued to sip my drink. "My whole life is one giant comedy film, I'd make millions" I added.

"You should get on that. Make your money before the magazines can" Belle said, nodding. "So, are you looking forward to the game?" she asked, pouting slightly.

"Yeah of course, I mean Carter is so excited for it that his excitement is kind-of contagious" I said with a smile. "Judging from your face you aren't?" I asked, sounding a little to amused. 

Belle shook her head laughing slightly, "Oh no that was because I don't have a drink" she paused "Though I don't 5 days of watching Cricket... it seems a bit long."

"Do you want to go get one together? I've almost finished this one" I paused, "and no doubt, I'll regret it soon and need to pee." It was probably too much information but she lived with Connor and therefore there's never too much information. 

 "Yeah, but I think the happy face of your boyfriend will help you through the long days" I told her, as we both stood from the table and approached the bar. 

"That's true, it's always good to see him happy and excited. It's like seeing a child waking up on Christmas morning, almost" she spoke, ordering a drink for herself.

"Almost?" I asked. Belle shrugged, "I have seen him at Christmas." 

"So" Belle said as we waited for our drinks. "Do you come to these things much?" I paused, "I mean you know 'WAG' events?" she asked. 

 "When I can, I haven't been to many" I said with a small sigh.

"Yeah" Belle said, before finally getting her drink. "This is first time I've actually been on tour, like I've being to matches but this is all new to me."

"Looks like I'm not the only one" I smiled, grateful that I wasn't the only person new to this all. "If you don't mind, I may find myself accompanying you" I paused, "you seem nice" I flashed yet another cheeky smile her way. 

 "No problem at all, you seem quite nice too" she responded, continuing with the joke. I think I was going to like this girl. 

"You know now, you won't be able to get rid of me" I told her, smiling wide.

"I think I can handle it" Belle said, nodding. "I mean if you seen my actual friends you will know that I can deal with about anything. Honestly after dealing with Nate and Cory, I could handle about anything, friendship wise anyway."

"Well, that's good and really reassuring" I admitted, smiling as I nodded. "I just hope you won't get tired of talking to me, sometimes I bore people" I added. 

"I doubt that, highly" Belle grinned, sipping her drink. 

"You're too kind" I grinned back. I think I just made a new friend and it was a lot easier than I thought.
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WELL ISN'T THIS JUST ADORABLE AND LOVELY and omg Jessica Clarke my favorite model basically :) LOVE THIS!

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beautiful my dear!

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Gorgeous set!

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