Marcel Imagine Part 2
Your POV

You woke up excited today. Today you were going on your first date with Marcel after prom. 

*Flashback to Prom*
"I had a great time," you say smiling as you two both walk out. "Me too," he says smiling as well. He's walking you his car and you feel his hand slide into yours. His touch gives you a strange tingling sensation. He looks at both your hands interlocked, and then he looks up at you. He sees you blushing and you both begin to blush. "Umm... Y/N?" He says, your interlocked hands swinging back and forth. "Yes?" You say looking up at him and you both stop walking. "Will you go out with me?" He asks. You smile getting excited inside. "Of course," you say trying to hide your excitement. He sighs in relief, "I thought you were going to say no." "I would never say no to a gentleman as cute as you." You say nudging him with your shoulder. He laughs and leads you to the car. When you get to your house he opens the car door for you and takes your hand to help you out. You somehow begin to hold hands again as you walk up to your door. "How about I pick you up at 12:00?" He says smiling. "I'd like that." You reply, "I can't wait." You both stop talking and stare into each other's eyes and you kiss him. Fireworks, sparks, explosions. It was perfect. "Tomorrow, you can tell me how that makes you feel," you say smirking as you see him flabbergasted. You close the door to your house and when you see his car drive off, you scream letting go of all the excitement you were holding in the whole night.

*End of Flashback* 
You ran downstairs and quickly ate. Then you raced back upstairs and went to change. I grabbed flower crop top and pink shorts as well as pink sandals, and put on some quick accessories and by then it was 11:00. So I walked back into the bathroom to do my makeup. I did smokey eye and some glossy lipstick. Then I did my hair; I curled it so that my hair fell over my chest. I must say, I'm proud of how nice I look. Just then, I hear the doorbell ring. You look in the mirror one last time. You smile approvingly. Then go back downstairs and open the door to see Marcel. Ohhh sweet cupcakes, he looked HOT. He wore white t-shirt and black jeans and I could see was wearing a necklace. It was under his t-shirt so I couldn't tell what it was, and his hair wasn't slicked back. "Y/N, you look amazing," he says taking your hands and leading you to his car, again, you get tingly. "Where are we going?" "You'll see." He says smirking.

*he took you to the fair and you guys had a great time* 

"This was the best date." You say nudging Marcel. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." He says interlocking your hands. You blush and look away as he pulls up to your house. You both walk up to your house and before you walk inside he asks, "Y/N will you be my girlfriend?" You almost jump in excitement. "Yes" you say as you passionately kiss his soft lips. You pull away and walk inside until he grabs your hands so centimeters away. With his accent thick he says, "I wasn't finished." With that he kisses you once more passionately and you wrap your arms around his neck as he wraps his arms around your waist.

And that was officially the start of your relationship.
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