• Dorset Ring
    Dorset Ring
    The Dorset ring offers a contrast-driven statement look. You can choose between a round turquoise, cubic zirconia, or labradorite gemstone, or select all three for stackable glamor. The ring is perfect for everyday accessorizing.
  • Nina Feather Cuff
    Nina Feather Cuff
    Enjoy the presence of this striking Nina feather cuff. The detailed feather motif wraps around your wrist with a lovely cross-over effect in the front. It's a work of art that can be worn day or night.
  • Carly Ring
    Carly Ring
    Prepare to glamorize your ensemble with this exquisite Carly ring. It's offered in your choice of lapis, turquoise, or red onyx gemstones with CZ accents. Wear it to the office or at play, either way you're bound to steal the show.
  • Largo Ring
    Largo Ring
    Feast your eyes upon this beautiful Largo ring! The round-cut center stone commands attention with its dominating presence. It comes in your choice of lapis, turquoise, or labradorite gemstones.
  • Abigail Bangle
    Abigail Bangle
    divElaborately entwined, the Abigail bangle lends subtle style to your jewelry collection. The unique and distinguished look of the looped band alongside your choice of labradorite, white CZ's, or lapis gemstones, provide the right amount of sparkle for everyday wear. It's perfect for stacking and layering with your other bracelets and watches./div divbr / /div
  • Leah Stud Earring
    Leah Stud Earring
    Who said getting glam was only for special occasions These bewitching leah stud earrings comes in your choice of rock crystal, lapis, or labradorite gemstones with CZ accents. Add these to your jewelry collection to bring pizzazz to your day to evening ensemble.
  • Sawyer Bangle
    Sawyer Bangle
    Classic glam meets everyday casual style with the Sawyer bangle. This gemstone-loaded bangle dresses up your daytime duds with elegance and a bit of dynamic fun. It comes in your choice of rock crystal, labradorite, or lapis gemstones.
  • Nicole Cocktail Ring
    Nicole Cocktail Ring
    Add to your sophisticated presence as you slip on this glamorous Nicole cocktail ring. This ring's bold and beautiful silhouette lives up to your standards. The perfect way to glam up a basic blouse or dress, this timeless piece evokes an undeniably vintage appeal.
  • Annabel Earrings
    Annabel Earrings
    You'll look gorgeous wearing the Annabel earrings quartz earrings. The chandelier design offsets the gorgeous lapis and labradorite gemstones, adding a subtle touch of glitter to an already gorgeous pair of earrings. Wear them with your favorite black dress for a glamorous look that will turn heads.
  • Marina Bangle
    Marina Bangle
    Catch the buzz of sweet seduction as you slip on this bold Marina bangle. The eye-catching gemstone dominates this bracelet with your choice of labradorite, black druzy, and lapis gemstones. It's the perfect statement piece for your everyday life.
  • Labradorite Turquoise Frost Bangle
    Labradorite Turquoise Frost Bangle
    Big, bold looks never go out of style. Escape from the hum-drums of simplicity as you slip on this enchanting labradorite & turquoise frost bangle by . Enjoy the way it enhances your ensemble as it brings out your exquisite character.
  • Alabama Bangle
    Alabama Bangle
    The Alabama bangle has an effervescent energy that freshens favorite outfits. Get Euro-inspired design you can build a peppy signature look around. It comes studded with your choice of red onyx, white CZ, turquoise, or lapis gemstones.
  • Faceted Leaf Necklace
    Faceted Leaf Necklace
    Need some inspiration How about this effortlessly elegant facted leaf necklace. A feminine design and serene subject matter make a convincing case for its place in any outfit. Believe in the beauty of simplicity.
  • Courtney Ring
    Courtney Ring
    For day or night wear and anything in between, we recommend the Courtney ring. The gemstone intense ring comes in three choices; The emTurquoise/em ring includes CZ and labradorite stones. The emGrey Onyx/em ring is accented with CZ and red onyx stones. And theem Lapis/em ring includes CZ and turquoise stones. This treasured ring demands attention.
  • Harper Ring
    Harper Ring
    Do you want to be the center of attention wherever you go If so, slip on this elegant Harper ring. With your choice of turquoise, lapis, or labradorite gemstones, this ring promises to get you noticed for your stunning sense of style. Its petite pop of purple color is just what you need for easy, everyday accessorizing.
  • Cody Cuff
    Cody Cuff
    The Cody cuff brings the WOW factor you need to finish off that fabulous outfit! You have three choices; Lapis with labradorite and white CZ's, black onyx with CZ's, or simply just one with white CZ's only. Just slip it on, and you are good to go. If you buy one special piece this season, this may be the /
  • Valentine Ring
    Valentine Ring
    This stunningly beautiful Valentine ring is a masterpiece. You can select a bold aqua onyx or turquoise gemstone, cradled in a gold textured frame. The ring provides a sophisticated touch of color to favorite ensembles.
  • Melinda Pod Earrings
    Melinda Pod Earrings
    Accessorize outside the box with these glamorous Melinda pod earrings. A unique geometric shape is highlighted with your choice of labradorite, lapis, or black onyx gemstones. Explore bolder options that still fit into your everyday look with this daring design.
  • Melinda Pod Necklace
    Melinda Pod Necklace
    Show the world your elegant style with the signature Melinda pod necklace. This dazzling necklace features a bold pendant with your choice of a large black onyx, lapis, or labradorite gemstone. This wonderful accessory gives your everyday look a chic finishing touch.
  • Melinda Pod Ring
    Melinda Pod Ring
    Add elegance and style to your ensemble with this dramatic Melinda pod ring. With your choice of lapis or black onyx gemstones, it's perfect for every occasion. Go on - indulge a little. We won't tell.
  • Helena Drop Earrings
    Helena Drop Earrings
    Slip on the Helena drop earrings because your fabulousness should never be set aside. The teardrop earrings come in your choice of turquoise, aqua onyx, or labradorite gemstones, dangling from gold pyramids. They include straight back posts for pieced ears.
  • Gaby Earrings
    Gaby Earrings
    Virtually irresistible, the Gaby earrings simply won't let you pass them by. And really, why would you They're terrific! This pair comes in four amazing gemstone choices; lapis, red onyx, black druzy, or labradorite. Enjoy the kinetic sparkle of these drop earrings.
  • Bailey Ring
    Bailey Ring
    the Bailey ring is a work of art that can be worn to work or at play. The stunning onyx gemstone lies in a bed of gold open artwork that defies even the most revered artist. Bold doesn't do this masterful work of art justice. Select this ring today and live it up!
  • Monica Ring
    Monica Ring
    Whether you're going to the office or a local hot spot, this subtle Monica ring got you covered. The classic Sleeping Beauty turquoise, or deep blue lapis gemstones, and sparkling white cubic zirconia stones promise to keep up with your busy schedule. So why not indulge a little
  • Josephine Necklace
    Josephine Necklace
    You'll be ready for any occasion with this lovely Josephine necklace. This long bib-like necklace provides a multitude of accessorizing options with your choice of labradorite, cubic zirconia, or lapis gemstone clusters. Make this standout your most mesmerizing fashion act yet.
  • Evan Ring
    Evan Ring
    Let your fingers do the talking for once with the sparkle-loaded Evan ring. White cubic zironcia stones sparkle inside of three golden pods. Build an enviable wardrobe by combining classic silhouettes, like this ring, with a touch of contemporary style.
  • Rachel Ring
    Rachel Ring
    Bold beauty comes to mind as we slip on this magnificent Rachel ring. Its triplet stone and glamorous appeal is bound to get you noticed at work or at play. Choose between labradorite, turquoise, or lapis gemstones, all accented with white CZ's.
  • Sandra Necklace
    Sandra Necklace
    Drape your neckline with this luxurious Sandra necklace. The stunning design begs for a bare neck to display its twinkling lapis, rock crystal, or labradorite gemstones. Its double layer design serves up an undeniable presence that is sure to get you noticed.
  • Nailhead CZ Bangle
    Nailhead CZ Bangle
    The nailhead CZ bangle delivers fierce, everyday fashion that comes out on top. This alluring slim gold hammered bangle has CZ stones indented on each open end. Try one or grab multiple bangles for stylish stackable style.
  • Valentine Earrings
    Valentine Earrings
    The Valentine earrings are fun, flirty and downright gorgeous. You can select a bold aqua onyx or turquoise gemstone, cradled in a gold textured frame. The earrings include french hooks from pierced ears.
  • Labradorite Slice Ring
    Labradorite Slice Ring
    Get ready to exemplify your ensemble with this fabulous labradorite slice ring. An angular labradorite gemstone strikes a cool, contemporary pose upon your finger. Chic and sophisticated, this is one ring you'll want to wear every day!
  • Clarence Necklace
    Clarence Necklace
    The Clarence necklace was designed to get you noticed. The chain drop pendant inclused two faceted gemstones; your choice of rock crystal, turquoise, or aqua onyx. The pendant hangs from a gold plated ball link chain.
  • Fenton Necklace
    Fenton Necklace
    Be inspired by this picturesque Fenton necklace. The pendant is a distinctive stone arrangement with your choice of rock crystal, aqua onyx, or labradorite gemstones. It's the perfect accessory for work or weekend wear.
  • Blake Stud Earrings
    Blake Stud Earrings
    Skip life's corners and head center-stage when you dress up with these dramatic Blake stud earrings. The square shape studs are crafted with sparkling CZ stones for entrance-making sparkle. They include straight back posts for pierced ears.
  • Ryan Necklace
    Ryan Necklace
    The mesmerizing necklace showcases spellbinding glamor. A single strand features your choice of aqua onyx or turquoise gemstones for stand-out style. Adding color to your wardrobe has never been easier!
  • Gold and CZ Erica Stud Earrings
    Gold and CZ Erica Stud Earrings
    What girl can resist gold circles surrounding beautiful, Sparkling stones Add some dazzle to your look with these gold and CZ Erica stud earrings. Four stones, four shapes: round, marquise, teardrop and princess cut stones are bezel set and encircled with a frame of hammered gold. Earrings have a post closure for pierced ears.
  • Gold Nailhead Heart and Arrow Bangle Bracelet
    Gold Nailhead Heart and Arrow Bangle Bracelet
    This gold nailhead heart and arrow bangle bracelet is definitely 'No Hammer Required.' That's because this particular 'nail' has a tip that points to a heart, all on a beautiful open bangle. This attractive bracelet is sure to claim a special place in your personal collection of jewelry
  • Gold and CZ Jennifer Ring
    Gold and CZ Jennifer Ring
    Interesting and certainly unique, this gold and CZ Jennifer ring is comprised of three concave gold discs, liberally sprinkled with sparkling white CZ stones. You'll treasure this goes-with-anything ring.
  • Gold and Gunmetal Pyramid Cluster Earrings
    Gold and Gunmetal Pyramid Cluster Earrings
    Bold and sassy - with a twist, these gold and gunmetal pyramid cluster earrings deliver a powerful edgy look. The seven pyramids, five gold and two gunmetal, are arranged in a linear pattern for maximum dazzle. Earrings have a french wire closure for pierced ears.
  • Silver and CZ Erica Drop Earrings
    Silver and CZ Erica Drop Earrings
    These silver and CZ Erica drop earrings represent the popular Erica design in silver dropped earrings. The four stones are cut in round, marquise, teardrop and princess shapes, bezel set and encircled with a frame of hammered silver. Earrings have a french wire closure for pierced ears.
  • Melinda Chrysoprase Pod Earrings
    Melinda Chrysoprase Pod Earrings
    These stunning melinda pod earrings are bold in design, yet the epitome of style and elegance. Faceted chrysoprase stones in bezel settings dangle effortlessly framing your face with gorgeousness. A statement in bohemian elegance, this pair will lend day or evening outfits a hint of beautiful color.
  • Silver Cigar Band Ring
    Silver Cigar Band Ring
    The silver cigar band ring brings focus and beauty to the hand it graces.This contemporary ring takes a dramatic layered shape which includes a lining of dazzling zubic zicronia stones. The hammered-style cigar band has a sleek sophistication for today's new fashions.
  • Tiered Marquise Earrings
    Tiered Marquise Earrings
    Show off your superior sense of style with these shimmering tiered marquise earrings.Each of the marquise white cubic zirconias is framed by 18k gold plate. Starting at the ear post, these stunning stones are linked together to create a gorgeous sense of movement.The post backs are for pierced ears.
  • Gwyneth Cocoa Ring
    Gwyneth Cocoa Ring
    Satisfy your sweet tooth with the decadent Gwyneth cocoa ring. Rich chocolate cubic zirconia and honeyed 18K gold plating make a combination too tasty to resist. The ring alternates between princess and marquis cut stones, for a truly royal finish. Each stone ring is sold separately and stacks beautifully.
  • Python Pave Ring
    Python Pave Ring
    The python pave ring features an 18k gold plate slinky snake that coils three times around your finger. The serpent's head has allover white cubic zirconias with a white cubic zirconia teardrop detail on the head and piercing emerald green eyes. The base of the tail and the head tuck around your knuckles for a seductive touch.
  • Melinda Maria Gwyneth II Amethyst Ring
    Melinda Maria Gwyneth II Amethyst Ring
    On the lookout for high style You'll do no better than the Gwyneth II amethyst ring. Amethyst cubic zirconia eyes shine proudly from an 18K gold plated setting. The marquis-cut gems flash with every gesture, and the hammered gold finish gives the ring a beautiful heirloom appeal. Each ring is sold separately and stacks beautifully.brbr
  • Infinity Pod Ocean Bangle
    Infinity Pod Ocean Bangle
    The infinity pod ocean bangle is a breath of fresh air for fashion jewelry. 18K gold plated discs shimmer with a hammered texture. Blue topaz cubic zirconia is cut for to sparkle, and the color pops next to the hammered gold. Each sold separately.
  • Teeny Pod Blue Topaz Ring
    Teeny Pod Blue Topaz Ring
    Elegant and youthful, the Melinda Maria teeny pod blue topaz ring adds some fashion finesse to any look. Blue topaz cubic zirconia, cut to sparkle, is nestled in 18K gold plating for a cool, pulled-together style. Sold separately, these rings look fantastic in stacks, as shown.brbr
  • Gwyneth Canary Yellow Ring
    Gwyneth Canary Yellow Ring
    Gorgeously detailed, the Gwyneth canary yellow ring puts the glory of the sun at your fingertips. Canary yellow cubic zirconia enchants in an 18K gold plated setting. The marquis-cut gems flash with every gesture, and the hammered gold finish gives the ring a beautiful heirloom appeal. Each ring is sold separately and stacks beautifully.brbr
The End