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  • Wireworks Nine-0 Bottle Storage
    Wireworks Nine-0 Bottle Storage
    Contemporary bottle storage design. Nice silky tannins, bright sour cherry and mature plum fruit might best describe this products character. Ideal for a countertop or display shelf, compact dimensions of this unit mean it fits most situations. Stable, rigid, precision crafted white oak, smooth sanded with a beeswax finish to enhances the natural wood appearance. Surface wood is silky to the touch. Holds nine bottles horizontally, up to 90mm diameter. No assembly required.
  • Wireworks Allana Coasters (Set of 6)
    Wireworks Allana Coasters (Set of 6)
    Vibrant and eye-catching, the Allana Coasters (Set of 6) will allow you to present your drinks in style. Great for use with colourful cocktails, the pink, green and orange coasters are perfect for parties and barbecues. L.M. Allana Coasters (Set of 6) 2 x green coasters. 2 x pink coasters. 2 x orange coasters. Square design. Great for parties and barbecues. Dimensions: 10 x 10cm. Brand: Wireworks.
  • Wireworks Allana Coasters Set Of 6
    Wireworks Allana Coasters Set Of 6
    A set of wooden drinks coasters with fabulous hedonistic collection of distilled colour combinations. This assorted six pack will 'party up' your cocktail presentation. Designed to 'protect and serve,' now all sours, juleps, highballs and daiquiris can glow. Bring the spirit of Casablanca to your own home. Whether on the rocks or straight up, bar star 'Allana Coasters,' are the perfect mix.
  • Wireworks Wine-0 Five Bottle Rack
    Wireworks Wine-0 Five Bottle Rack
    Store your wine in style with the Wine-0 Five Bottle Rack. Wonderfully versatile, the clever interlocking design allows it to be used either horizontally or vertically, and can be stacked, attached to the wall or used on its own. Made from durable solid oak, it will hold bottles that are up to 90mm in diameter. Designed by Lincoln Rivers and Royi Frame, this chic and stylish piece will make a statement, whilst keeping your wine collection organised. L.M. Interlocking design. Can be stacked, used alone or fixed to the wall (scew fixings included) Can be positioned horizontally or vertically Solid oak design. Holds bottles up to 90mm in diameter. Designed by Lincoln Rivers and Royi Frame. Dimensions: W:54 x D:12 x H:12cm.
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