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  • AEA Dagger Necklace
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    AEA Dagger Necklace
    The Dagger Necklace is a sharply elegant piece. Strung on a 16 or 34-inch cable chain, precision sterling silver points closely hug a beautiful hand-cut gemstone, creating a new take on the classic diamond pendant.
  • AEA Contortion Ring
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    AEA Contortion Ring
    The Contortion Ring in sterling silver wraps around itself to a double enameled band on the front and a cross-over back detail. Its curved, futuristic design and sleek enamel inlay make it an ideal day-to-night statement piece.
  • AEA Helix Ring
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    AEA Helix Ring
    The Helix Ring in sterling silver is a timeless architectural piece. Its triple band elegantly wraps around, featuring AEA's signature asymmetrical defined edge in the center, which can be worn facing upwards or to the side.
  • AEA Siamese Cuff
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    AEA Siamese Cuff
    The Siamese Cuff in sterling silver is a striking piece with a unique geometric design inlaid in enamel on both front and back sides. The precise angled design is reminiscent of the art deco era with a bi-color enamel pairing, which is a signature of AEA. It looks great worn on your forearm for a minimalist, clean statement or stacked with other bangles to add a pop of color.
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