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  • A di Alessi - Il Tempo della Festa Baking Tin
    A di Alessi - Il Tempo della Festa Baking Tin
    Oven dishes have a long tradition in cooking history. The creative helpers are nearly made for decorative shaping: One only must think of the numerous different sizes and bizarre shapes of these objects that once ornamented the kitchens of noble houses. Mario Trimarchi made this theme his with his typical, architectural and sculptural style. “Il Tempo della Festa” means “Time for celebrations”, since the small helpers by A di Alessi are just right for special events. The Il Tempo della Festa oven dishes invite to become creative and creating something special. Six different forms encourage creativity and it doesn’t matter what ingredients you use: The result will surely be a feast for the eyes. Also pies are wonderfully prepared in these small, silicone made oven dishes by A di Alessi. The production out of silicone ensures heat resistance, robustness and easy cleaning.
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