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  • Alessi
  • Alessi Diva Watering Can
    Alessi Diva Watering Can
    Boasting a modern and contemporary design, the Alessi Diva Watering Can is ideal for use around the home or garden. Designed by Eero Aarnio, who is one of the leading innovators in Scandanavian design, this abstract watering can is both stylish and functional, and would make the perfect gift for any gardening or house plant enthusiast. Made from durable thermoplastic resin, it has a comma-like shape that thrusts upwards towards the top of the spout, creating an expression of movement for a truly artistic touch. L.M. Alessi Diva Watering Can. Designed by Scandanavian designer Eero Aarnio. Abstract, comma-like design. Made from durable plastic. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: 28 x 10.8 x 31cm. Capacity: 150cl. Brand: Alessi.
  • Alessi - Kiwi Watering Can
    Alessi - Kiwi Watering Can
    The watering can Kiwi, produced by Alessi, was created by the designers Donato D’ Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, being pioneers of the Pop-Design of the 60s from then on. The two designers considered their work a big challenge, since it didn’t seem easy to create a daily-use object like a watering can, fulfilling design demands: "With Kiwi we had the possibility of entering a product category, which is normally constrained on a moderate design. Regarding this, our challenge was simple, but the process was neither short nor lineal." Explained D’Urbino and Lomazzi. But the design-solution can still be exhibited and the design is totally thought and clever: Shaped like a horizontal cone, the handle is hidden under of the pouring hole, so that the cane can also be filled on lower water taps. The designer watering can has a long basin in order to be used with vases as well. Kiwi has a capacity of two litres of water and it is available in four nice colours.
  • Alessichair by Lamm - Piana Folding Chair
    Alessichair by Lamm - Piana Folding Chair
    Piana is a folding chair and the first chair at all for the Italian manufacturer Alessi to be involved in its more than 90 years’ history. Accordingly special is this Alessichair. Piana is the result of the cooperation of the two Italian companies Alessi and Lamm with designer and architect David Chipperfield. While Alessi and David chipperfield were developing the design, Lamm took care of the technical knowhow for the manufacture of this high quality seating furniture. The designer David Chipperfield entered the challenge of designing a product that already exists in numerous editions, with Piana. The result is a folding chair that fulfills practical demands. Piana is simple and reduced to the essential, regarding its appearance. The iconic folding chair is recognized as such instantly, it doesn’t possess any ornaments and is extremely robust. The clear and functional look makes Piana a versatile chair. The aim of David Chipperfield, Alessi and Lamm was to design a chair that could be used in public rooms, for events and receptions, as well as in private households, at the dining table, on the balcony or in the garden. Accordingly high is the quality of the used materials and clever are the practical artistic details of the design. Piana possesses a synchronized system for the folding and unfolding of the seat. This system was implemented with one only rotatory point and completely without apparent fixing elements. That is why Piana can be folded compactly and be as thin as the own feet in its folded position. Lamm uses polypropylene, fiberglass reinforced, for the manufacture of Piana. The surface is matt and slip-resistant; the whole chair is 100% recyclable. The chair is adapted for indoor and outdoor use because of the material. Lamm and Alessi offer their Piana folding chair in different colours. Also a special transport car, connection hooks and wall-fixing materials are available for the Piana folding chair.
  • A di Alessi - Watering Can Diva
    A di Alessi - Watering Can Diva
    The Finnish Eero Aarnio, who became famous with his iconic loungers „Ball chair“ (1966), „Pastil chair“ (1967) and „Bubble chair“ (1968) is one of the great renewers of contemporaneous Scandinavian design. He developed a products collection for Alessi in 2011 that unifies classic, playful and paradox design aspects. The intertwined watering can Diva consists of thermoplastic resin and has nearly 1.5 litres of water capacity. The swung form of the can appears as if out of one cast and simultaneously adopts all the parts of a watering can, without appearing complicated. That is how the swung neck of Diva ensures targeted and dozed pouring with a handle to carry it. Eero Aarnio remembers: ”I still remember Alberto Alessi’s smile when I presented my designs for the first time years ago. My watering can “Diva” and the bottle opener “Mouse” – both extremely practical and filled with joy, were part of them. My approach for the product design led over two basic processes: To enter the world of arts without rules again and again by the research of possibilities that bring new materials for a project and creativity that mainly came from my feeling. I believe that new and surprising creations can only emerge combining these two approaches.”
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