• Baccarat Colored Lucky Butterfly Collectible Figurine
    Baccarat Colored Lucky Butterfly Collectible Figurine
    A symbol of hope, beauty and new beginnings is rendered harmoniously in the graceful clarity of Baccarat crystal. A lovely way to commemorate any big event. Turquoise. Crystal.
  • Baccarat Fleur De Lys Ornament
    Baccarat Fleur De Lys Ornament
    Crystal. Made in France. 4.125"
  • "Our Fire" Candleholder, Silver Shade
    "Our Fire" Candleholder, Silver Shade
    From the Darkside Collection, Our Fire is a dramatic candleholder in three parts: "Versailles" candleholder; a reproduction of the Harcourt glass which serves as a receptacle for the candle; and metallized crystal lampshade. Designed by Philippe Starck. Made in France.
  • Baccarat Crystal Spirit Vase
    Baccarat Crystal Spirit Vase
    A beautiful crystal vase is handcrafted with a smooth base and diamond-cut facets along the wide, open neck. From the Tornado CollectionFull-lead crystal10" highHand washMade in FranceCHRISTMAS DELIVERYTo ensure delivery in time for Christmas, place your order by December 17 at 3PM (ET). Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed after this date.
  • Baccarat "Tornado" Small Vase
    Baccarat "Tornado" Small Vase
    Bold linear cuts whip through the serene, fluid line of the vase, evoking the strong winds and unleashed power of natures storms. A striking piece, with or without flowers. 9H. Also available: 14 7/8H tornado vase.
  • Baccarat "Spirit" Vase
    Baccarat "Spirit" Vase
    This vase's open-neck shape is ideal for wide bouquets. 9 7/8"H. Clear full-lead crystal. Designed by Nicolas Triboulot. Diamond cuts; smooth at base. Handcrafted in France.
  • 2014 Annual Red Snowflake Christmas Ornament
    2014 Annual Red Snowflake Christmas Ornament
    Baccarat. 2014 Annual Red Snowflake Christmas Ornament. . Handcrafted of lead crystal.. Engraved with "Noel 2014.". Hangs from festive ribbon.. Arrives in a traditional red Baccarat gift box.. 4.125"Dia.. Made in France.
  • Baccarat Papillon Lucky Butterfly
    Baccarat Papillon Lucky Butterfly
    Poised to flutter off, the Baccarat crystal butterfly glints vibrantly with bright color. The wings fan out grandly, echoing the shape characteristic of the Amazonian breed. The poetic contours highlight Baccarat’s signature craftsmanship. Placed anywhere in the home, the Baccarat Lucky Butterfly elicits a sense of momentum and graceful élan. Designed for Baccarat by Evelyne Julienne, this fascinating creature comes in a wide variety of available colors including: parma violet, blue, peony, moss green, purple, ruby red, amber, turquoise blue crystal, Clear and Clear iridescent crystal (with tinges of green, yellow and blue).
  • Baccarat LumiÈRe D'asie Buddha
    Baccarat LumiÈRe D'asie Buddha
    Baccarat’s collaboration with Kenzo Takada lead to a special Asia-focused collection. The origins of Buddhism date back to the 6th century B.C. and still today, the world over, Buddha is the quintessential emblem of spiritual awakening. Pairing the unlikely materials of Clear crystal with black enamel, Baccarat’s Buddha is a stately rendering of this symbolic figure, based on a very traditional hand-carved wooden version. The translucence of the crystal evokes the aspiration for spiritual clarity, and is a perfect decorative item for Asian-inspired zen interiors. Each Buddha by Baccarat is numbered and signed at the bottom.
  • Baccarat Spirit Vase
    Baccarat Spirit Vase
    The Clear crystal Spirit vase is a reinterpretation of the Brigitte vase, designed for Baccarat by Nicolas Triboulot during the 1960s. The Spirit vase is crafted using the same techniques that are used to make Baccarat’s multifaceted and exquisite Eye vase and Wave vase. The intricacy of the pattern, etched from the interior of the vase outward, creates a raised and sharply geometrical surface. As a result of this incredible three-dimensional depth of form, the exterior beautifully refracts the light. The vase’s zigzagged edge is the finishing touch, trimming the vase’s symmetry with an appealing spikiness. The overall form, which gradually sprouts outward, resembles a sparkling badminton shuttlecock. The thick base and broad open neck make the vase an ideal form for large bouquets.
  • Baccarat Zoo the Duck
    Baccarat Zoo the Duck
    As a follow-up to his cheery Crystal Candy Set and Candy Light creations, Jaime Hayon has designed a collection of animal figurines for Baccarat inspired by Artoyz. His three colorful creatures (a bear, a monkey, and a duck) are available in luminous Clear crystal or vivid-hued versions. The water bird is presented in a playful way. The cartoonishly plump round silhouette is adorned with scalloped duck feathers, and the crystal head is speckled with small diamond cuts around the face and beak. The Clear crystal version of the duck has a white porcelain base with a gold finish; the mint version has a mint porcelain base with a Clear crystal face. The figurines are individually numbered and signed by Jaime Hayon and Baccarat on the underside of the porcelain base.
  • Baccarat Louxor Obelisk
    Baccarat Louxor Obelisk
    Baccarat’s Clear crystal Louxor obelisk catches the light and is enhanced with every flicker of illumination. As the light interacts with the crystal, it creates an incredible optical effect that glints brilliantly, refracting and scattering the crystal reflections in a prismatic way. The smoothly slopes of precisely cut pyramid embody Baccarat’s fine craftsmanship. It is a beautiful decorative piece for the home or office. The name Louxor is inspired by the famous Egyptian archaeological site as well as the first Baccarat jewelery collections designed by George Chevalier. Louxor candlesticks and the Louxor vase are also part of the same collection, each of which features incredible diamond cuts detail.
  • Baccarat Aigle American Eagle
    Baccarat Aigle American Eagle
    This Baccarat Clear crystal American eagle honors this revered bird of prey with a strong visual authority and a masterfully detailed representation. The figurine’s stunning form showcases Baccarat’s exemplary craftsmanship. Perched upon a rock, the eagle’s stance is commanding: its mighty wings are wide open, its beak is pointed, its gaze is fixed on some unknown target. The sculptural nuances of this proud creature yield a highly dappled effect that refracts the light. This eagle figurine is perfect gift for all animal lovers, and a perfect symbolic gift for those with a commanding presence. Baccarat provides an alternative to the American eagle figurine with the Imperator eagle, which has smoother contours and is available in two sizes.
  • Kenzo Takada Little Buddha
    Kenzo Takada Little Buddha
    Baccarat. Kenzo Takada Little Buddha. HighlightsA smaller version of the Baccarat best-selling gift, Little Buddha is a reproduction of a very traditional hand-carved wooden Buddha.. From the Lights of Asia Collection.. Clear full-lead crystal sitting Buddha sculpture.. 3.66"T.. Handcrafted in France.
  • Objectif Bowl
    Objectif Bowl
    Baccarat. Objectif Bowl, Large. . Full-lead crystal.. Handcrafted.. 8"Dia. x 4.5"T.. Hand wash.. Made in France.
  • Objectif Bowl
    Objectif Bowl
    Baccarat. Objectif Bowl, Small. . Full-lead crystal.. Handcrafted.. 3.675"Dia. x 8.125"T.. Made in France..
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