• Baccarat "Eye" Vase, Small
    Baccarat "Eye" Vase, Small
    This best-selling vase, designed by Nicolas Triboulot, gets a bluesy update in a dazzling new hue. 5.75”H. Full lead crystal. Made in France.
  • Baccarat Midnight Small Eye Vase
    Baccarat Midnight Small Eye Vase
    More than a vase, this extraordinary heirloom piece from Baccarat's Eye collection boasts impressive depth and dimension in fine, cobalt-blue crystal. No Color. Crystal.
  • Baccarat "Eye" Vase, Large
    Baccarat "Eye" Vase, Large
    This best-selling vase, designed by Nicolas Triboulot, gets a bluesy update in a dazzling new hue. 9.25”H. Full lead crystal. Made in France.
  • Baccarat Midnight Crystal Eye Vase
    Baccarat Midnight Crystal Eye Vase
    This dynamic vase is handcrafted in France with a myriad of facets to catch the light of a candle, lamp or the sun. From the Eye Collection. Height, about 5.75". Full-lead crystal. Hand wash. Made in France.
  • Baccarat Mille Nuits Flute
    Baccarat Mille Nuits Flute
    Baccarat has extended its successful Mille Nuit pattern and introduced a new color, Midnight. The Mille Nuit Midnight collection is distinctively chic in design and allure.
  • Baccarat Lucky Crystal Butterfly/Sapphiretone
    Baccarat Lucky Crystal Butterfly/Sapphiretone
    A lovely butterfly design handcrafted in tinted crystal. A stunning accent in any room. From the Lucky Butterfly Collection. 3½"W X 2½"H. Crystal. Wipe clean. Handmade in France.
  • Baccarat Round "Eye" Vase
    Baccarat Round "Eye" Vase
    The Eye vase in Baccarat crystal boasts a stunning interplay of light: horizontal cuts on the outside and vertical cuts on the inside paired with rich color make for an extraordinary visual effect. A stunning piece in a beautiful contemporary design for original flower arrangements. Handcrafted of full-lead crystal in France.
  • Baccarat Eye Vase
    Baccarat Eye Vase
    The Baccarat Midnight crystal Eye Vase features a striking wavelike design. The extraordinary craftsmanship"horizontal bevel cuts on the outside and vertical bevel cuts on the inside produces a brilliant optical effect, rendered all the more intricate in the light. The Eye Vase maximizes the unpredictability of perception, evoking delight and surprise about what the eye can discern with shifts in luminosity. The tiers gently ripple, thus imbuing a sense of movement, a rippling continuum. The gleaming symmetry plays on perspective, as the refractions of light create great depth throughout the layers. The contours conjure a Clear crystal cyclone, magnetically pulling you in like a vortex. The entrancing attributes of the Eye vase are also characteristic of the Baccarat Clear crystal Eye votive.
  • Baccarat VÉGa Small Glass
    Baccarat VÉGa Small Glass
    The Vega small glass is sleek and modern. Its striking proportions make the silhouette especially eye-catching. The design juxtaposes the curvature of the bowl's contours with the stout angularity of the bevel-cut stem. The stem's single diamond cut resembles an exquisite piece of hard candy. The Vega collection is designed for Baccarat by Savinel & Rozé. The geometric form of the stem is the signature of the stemware set. The Vega small glass is available in a variety of vivid colors. The more Vega collection also includes a champagne flute, a martini glass, and other bar and tableware.
  • Baccarat Lucky Cat Chat Lucky Cat
    Baccarat Lucky Cat Chat Lucky Cat
    The Lucky Cat is a special charm of Japanese origin. The calico Japanese bobtail is often displayed at the entrance of one's home, as it is intended to attract fiscal good luck. The feline creature with cartoonish features is seen beckoning with its right hand"a gesture that is said to protect one's fortune. This Baccarat Clear crystal cat, or the Maneki-neko as it is called in Japanese, has a lot of careful detail. Baccarat's painstaking techniquea are evident in the paws, the facial features, and the collar. Additional gilded flourishes are applied to the cat's ears, eyes, mouth, and whiskers. This emblem of luck is a meticulously crafted piece that could draw good fortune directly into your home. The Lucky cat is also available in midnight crystal.
  • Baccarat Véga Rhine Wine Glass
    Baccarat Véga Rhine Wine Glass
    The Véga crystal Rhine wine glass is sleek and modern. The geometric stem, comprised of six angular diabolo-cut shapes stacked together is an eye-catching zigzag. Its unique bevel cut, designed for Baccarat by Savinel & Rozé, makes sipping a fine vintage all the more enjoyable. Handmade mouth-blown crystal from France. 9"H., 7 3/7 oz.
  • Baccarat Rois De La ForÊT Vase
    Baccarat Rois De La ForÊT Vase
    The tallest in the Baccarat catalogue, the Rois de la Forêt vase has a striking decorative effect. Numbered and signed by Baccarat and designer Marcel Wanders. This chic limited edition piece boasts a baroque “trophy” style that brightens any interior. Wanders drew his inspiration from the Dutch art of lace-making, taking cues from its intricate use of varied materials and patterns. Fashioned from deep-cut geometrical Clear crystal, each Rois de la Foret vase sits atop a shiny base available in chrome, vermeil, gold, and gunmetal. The metallics beautifully balance the luminosity of the crystal. A small removable Plexiglas wedge (supplied separately) fixes the base to the vase to prevent it from sliding. Since Plexiglas has the same refraction index as crystal, the wedge remains invisible.
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