• Baccarat Crystal Eye Votive
    Baccarat Crystal Eye Votive
    The Eye Votive in Baccarat red lacquered crystal offers a stunningly beautiful interplay of light. Horizontal cuts on the outside and vertical cuts on the inside paired with elegant color of the votive sublimate the candle's light. 2¾"H. Full-lead crystal. Made in France.
  • Baccarat® Grand Burgundy Tasting Glasses, Boxed Set of 2
    Baccarat® Grand Burgundy Tasting Glasses, Boxed Set of 2
    Exquisitely fine with a clarity and brilliance only found in full lead crystal, these mouth-blown tasting glasses crafted crafted by Baccarat® are designed to bring out the bouquet and flavor of the red wines of Burgundy as well as other fine wines made from the Pinot Noir grape. To highlight a wine’s full bouquet, the bowl is designed in a conical shape and generous size that allows ample room for swirling. The slightly flared lip directs the wine to the tip of the tongue, accentuating its fullness and rounding out acidity. Handcrafted in Baccarat, France, in a glassworks authorized by King Louis XV more than 240 years ago, each glass is marked with a stamp of authenticity on the bottom. We recommend washing by hand. 25.5-oz. cap.; 9 1/2" high. Set of two.
  • Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo, Ruby
    Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo, Ruby
    Mille Nuits-or a thousand nights-evokes the richness of palaces, with a narrow cut that glitters in the light. Details From the Mille Nuits Collection by Mathias. Handcrafted of full-lead crystal. Venetian-style, beveled cut. 11.25"T; holds 5.875 ounces. Hand wash. Made in France.
  • Baccarat Red Rectangular Vase,Small
    Baccarat Red Rectangular Vase,Small
    The wavelike pattern of the Clear crystal red rectangular Eye vase result from the outside horizontal cuts and inside vertical cuts, creating a dazzling visual effect.
  • Baccarat Minimals Rosy Pig
    Baccarat Minimals Rosy Pig
    This pink crystal pig is one of Baccarat’s many ornamental animal figurines. The plump creature is instantly endearing with its cartoonishly round proportions and pleasantly ruddy shade. The tiny detailing in the protruding ears, snout, and tail are characteristic of Baccarat’s craftsmanship and meticulous handiwork. The pig’s hoofed feet are clustered together, serving as the lovable figurine’s sturdy base. The domesticated pig is sometimes kept as pet, and though keeping a pet pig is rather unrealistic for most people, this version has—thanks to its spotless craftsmanship—all the sweet appeal of the actual animal with none of the impracticalities. The pig is also part of the Chinese zodiac signs of its 12-year cycle. People of this sign are honest, tolerant, loyal, and helpful.
  • Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo Set of Two
    Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo Set of Two
    The Baccarat Clear crystal Flutissimo is designed by Mathias as part of Baccarat’s Mille Nuits collection. The –issimo suffix indicates that something as "extremely" notable and indeed the Flutissimo is remarkably stunning. The sleekness of the narrow bowl contrasts with the intricacy of the lower half. The stem has beveled detailing all the way down to the foot, from which ridges irradiate. The two halves are united by the elegant diamond-shaped center, which is the Mille Nuits signature. In addition to the Clear crystal, the champagne flute is also available in a variety of vivid colors. Other pieces from the Mille Nuits bar and tableware collection include glasses, decanters and plates. Within Home Décor, the Mille Nuits collection extends to chandeliers, lamps, and candelabras.
  • Baccarat Vega Water Glass, Ruby
    Baccarat Vega Water Glass, Ruby
    Baccarat: A long-standing tradition of excellence in exquisitely crafted crystal and glassware. Choose (shown clockwise) olivine, emerald, ruby, sapphire, (see below) topaz. Full-lead crystal. Handcrafted. 9 1/2 ounces. 5 1/2"H. Hand wash. Made in France.
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