• Baccarat Courchevel Fir Tree Ornament
    Baccarat Courchevel Fir Tree Ornament
    Baccarat Courchevel Fir Tree Ornament.Color:Green.Material:Crystal.Ornament.
  • Pre-owned Baccarat Crystal Figurine
    Pre-owned Baccarat Crystal Figurine
    Yellow Baccarat rocking crystal figurine of two chicks. Includes box.
  • Baccarat Eye Votive
    Baccarat Eye Votive
    The Eye votive in Baccarat crystal offers a stunning interplay of light: horizontal cuts on the outside and vertical cuts on the inside paired with the elegant colour which sublimates the candle's light. The exquisitely crafted form, designed for Baccarat by Nicolas Triboulot, is underscored by the multifaceted effect of the flickering light on its round shape. The beveled contours add dimension to the play on light, creating a seemingly infinite iridescence. Consequently, the Eye votive not only illuminates the crystal globe but brings warmth and radiance to any room it is placed in. The entrancing attributes of the Eye votive are also characteristic of the Baccarat Clear crystal Eye vase.
  • Baccarat Torch Pendant Light White Lampshade
    Baccarat Torch Pendant Light White Lampshade
    Designed for Baccarat by Arik Levy, the Torch ceiling lamp offers an imaginative approach to lighting design. The Torch range draws inspiration from Baccarat’s exquisite Zénith chandelier reinventing its illustrious traditional elements by juxtaposing them an unexpected way. Dripping Clear crystal pendants peek out from beneath a pleated white taffeta lampshade, glimmering discreetly yet resplendently. A tassel (in either black, white, or red) is prominently suspended below the shade, and the shiny nickel-plated brass socket features Baccarat’s elegant signature. The Torch lamp is also available with an upside-down black linen shade, which adds a dash of humor. The Fantôme ceiling lamp, also designed by Levy, echoes Torch ceiling lamp’s floaty, aerial effect.
  • Baccarat Massena Highball
    Baccarat Massena Highball
    Handmade mouth-blown crystal from France.
  • Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Round Tumbler
    Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Round Tumbler
    The stunning Clear crystal round tumblers are a different interpretation of the more rectangularly-structured Harcourt Abysse tumblers. Designed for Baccarat by Thomas Bastide. The chiseled flat cuts are vaulted inward and play off of the hexagonal base. The architectural contours illustrate Baccarat’s complete mastery of form. The glasses showcase a multifaceted beauty that refracts the light in a way that is almost as heady as any serving of alcohol. The Harcourt Abysse collection is comprised of various barware pieces, ranging from vodka shot glasses to the Harcourt Abysse decanter. In addition to the bar set, the stunning Abysse home décor pieces include candlesticks, a clock, and pencil holder, each of which bring symmetry, light and beauty to any household.
  • Baccarat Mille Nuit Candlesticks Set/ 2
    Baccarat Mille Nuit Candlesticks Set/ 2
    Handmade mouth-blown crystal from France.
  • Baccarat Torch Wall Sconce
    Baccarat Torch Wall Sconce
    Designed for Baccarat by Arik Levy, the Torch wall sconce offers an innovative take on lighting design and reinvents Baccarat’s illustrious heritage. This wall sconce draws inspiration from Baccarat’s Zénith chandelier and reinterprets its exquisite elements in an unexpected way. Capped with a white pleated lampshade, the wall sconce drips with Clear cut-crystal pendants and Baccarat’s signature red octagonal crystal, which all glimmer resplendently. The combination of crystal with shiny metal lends a modern touch to the product, and a prominently suspended tassel (available in either black, white, or red) adds a flight of fancy. The Torch lamp and Fantôme ceiling lamp, also designed by Arik Levy, echo the Torch wall sconce’s sparkling, luminous effect.
  • Baccarat Vega Champagne Flute
    Baccarat Vega Champagne Flute
    Handmade mouth-blown crystal from France.
  • Baccarat Arabesque Dessert Plate
    Baccarat Arabesque Dessert Plate
    The Baccarat Clear crystal Arabesque dessert plate has a great variety of detailing, which accentuates Baccarat’s striking artistry and savoir-faire. The scalloped edges rise and fall in tiny waves. Just below, a thick belt of geometric swirls 'a motif embellished with stars and acanthus leaves'wreathes around the plate. This intricate garland is hemmed in by the Clear crystal crosshatching that decorates the underside of the dessert plate. Created for Baccarat in the 19th century, this model originally encompassed a complete table set (with jug, decanter, goblets and various stemmed glasses). Today, the Arabesque collection has been pared down to the dessert plates and bowl, both of which share incredible and elaborate detailing.
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