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  • Baccarat
  • Baccarat Crystal Pig
    Baccarat Crystal Pig
    This cute as a button pig figurine makes a precious baby gift or decorative centerpiece.
  • Baccarat Pink Pig
    Baccarat Pink Pig
    A charmingly piggy paperweight sculpted in smooth lead crystal with subtle tint. From the Pink Pig Collection. 2"W X 3½"H. Hand wash. Made in France
  • Baccarat Crystal Eye Votive
    Baccarat Crystal Eye Votive
    Designed with fine detail and a faceted surface that creates effortless shimmer and sparkle throughout any room. From the Eye Collection. 3¾" diameter. Hand wash. Made in France
  • Baccarat Eye Votive
    Baccarat Eye Votive
    The Eye votive in Baccarat crystal offers a stunning interplay of light: horizontal cuts on the outside and vertical cuts on the inside paired with the elegant colour which sublimates the candle's light. The exquisitely crafted form, designed for Baccarat by Nicolas Triboulot, is underscored by the multifaceted effect of the flickering light on its round shape. The beveled contours add dimension to the play on light, creating a seemingly infinite iridescence. Consequently, the Eye votive not only illuminates the crystal globe but brings warmth and radiance to any room it is placed in. The entrancing attributes of the Eye votive are also characteristic of the Baccarat Clear crystal Eye vase.
  • Baccarat Crystal Pigs
    Baccarat Crystal Pigs
    Irresistibly cute, these little pigs were hand-blown out of fine Baccarat crystal in France. Perfect to give as a gift, a paperweight, or a decorative centerpiece. Measures 2 1 - 8 " w. X 2 ¼" h.
  • Baccarat Minimals Rosy Pig
    Baccarat Minimals Rosy Pig
    This pink crystal pig is one of Baccarat’s many ornamental animal figurines. The plump creature is instantly endearing with its cartoonishly round proportions and pleasantly ruddy shade. The tiny detailing in the protruding ears, snout, and tail are characteristic of Baccarat’s craftsmanship and meticulous handiwork. The pig’s hoofed feet are clustered together, serving as the lovable figurine’s sturdy base. The domesticated pig is sometimes kept as pet, and though keeping a pet pig is rather unrealistic for most people, this version has'thanks to its spotless craftsmanship'all the sweet appeal of the actual animal with none of the impracticalities. The pig is also part of the Chinese zodiac signs of its 12-year cycle. People of this sign are honest, tolerant, loyal, and helpful.
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