• Baccarat Small Wave Vase
    Baccarat Small Wave Vase
    Sleek, sinuous form mimics the movement of water. An arresting piece on its own, it also offers an organic frame for a floral arrangement. 8 7/8H.
  • Baccarat "Wave" Bowl
    Baccarat "Wave" Bowl
    Evoking the magic of the sea, this alluring bowl is meticulously cut so that light magically flows from the base to the top edge. 4.4”H x 8.5”L. Full lead crystal. Made in France.
  • Baccarat CŒUr Cupid Heart
    Baccarat CŒUr Cupid Heart
    The Baccarat heart is a stunning decorative object. Whatever the occasion—be it Valentine"s Day, a special anniversary, a memorable occasion, or an impromptu thoughtful gesture, it is the perfect gift to symbolize your affection for your beloved. The Baccarat heart is crafted from the finest crystal, its contours perfectly formed to refract the light. The depth to the shape echoes the depth of the love it symbolically represents. It is available in beautifully translucent Clear crystal, and passionate fiery red crystal.
  • Pre-owned Baccarat Vase
    Pre-owned Baccarat Vase
    Clear Baccarat glass vase with opening at top.
  • Baccarat Papillon Lucky Butterfly
    Baccarat Papillon Lucky Butterfly
    Poised to flutter off, the Baccarat crystal butterfly glints vibrantly with bright color. The wings fan out grandly, echoing the shape characteristic of the Amazonian breed. The poetic contours highlight Baccarat"s signature craftsmanship. Placed anywhere in the home, the Baccarat Lucky Butterfly elicits a sense of momentum and graceful élan. Designed for Baccarat by Evelyne Julienne, this fascinating creature comes in a wide variety of available colors including: parma violet, blue, peony, moss green, purple, ruby red, amber, turquoise blue crystal, Clear and Clear iridescent crystal (with tinges of green, yellow and blue).
  • Baccarat Corolle Vase
    Baccarat Corolle Vase
    The Corolle vase showcases a supple, gracefulness silhouette that is at once rounded and gathered. Designed for Baccarat by Nicolas Triboulot. The contours of the vase have been deftly rendered with subtle twisting, wringing a gentle whorl of gathered motion. The effects of this craftsmanship are all the more prismatic and intricate as they interplay with and refract the light. The vase"s curved form and carefully tucked contours highlight Baccarat"s expertise. The Clear crystal is dexterously manipulated into a unique and nuanced piece. The stunning silhouette is crowned with hexagonal rim, which surrounds the fresh flower arrangements therein with a bold, structured shape.
  • Baccarat Troika Fidelio Horse
    Baccarat Troika Fidelio Horse
    Handmade mouth-blown crystal from France.
  • Baccarat Objectif Vase
    Baccarat Objectif Vase
    The Objectif vase is named after the French word for “camera lens”. Indeed, the vase"s shape simulates the way a camera lens looks as it is in the middle of the picture-taking process. It resembles the lens opening, mid-snapshot, as the camera mechanisms are regulating the amount of light let in. This is what determines whether an image is dark or light. This vase of Clear crystal, however, is all light, heightened all the more as the light refracts beautifully off the bowl"s swirled pleating. Whether or not you happen to be a photography aficionado, this vase has an exciting sense of gathering momentum. The visual effect is that of a whirlpool of luminosity, a rush of energy anchored in Clear crystal. The wide neck makes it perfect for displaying a large bouquet.
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