• Enamel Bar Earrings
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    Enamel Bar Earrings
    Geo-inspired dangle earrings featuring mingled neon-hued enamel and goldtone triangles. Multiple connecting chains ensure playful movement.
  • Pre-owned Necklace, Earrings
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    Pre-owned Necklace, Earrings
    Jewelry by Bebe at Tradesy
  • Tribal Teardrop Earrings
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    Tribal Teardrop Earrings
    Stunning Bollywood-inspired teardrop earrings with exquisite filigree and relief work, plus flashes of sparkling crystal luxe.
  • Pre-owned Bebe Bow Shaped Bangle Watch
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    Pre-owned Bebe Bow Shaped Bangle Watch
    Watches by Bebe at Tradesy
  • Mix Cut Crystal Necklace
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    Mix Cut Crystal Necklace
    Ravishing statement necklace with mix-cut crystal clusters creating an extraordinary aurora borealis shimmer.
  • Pre-owned bebe brand
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    Pre-owned bebe brand
    Watches by Bebe at Tradesy
  • Mix Chain Linear Earrings
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    Mix Chain Linear Earrings
    Intriguing duster earrings with a trio of graduated geo accents adorned by asymmetric chain fringe. Liquid design guarantees eye-catching movement.
  • Beaded Double Hoop Earrings
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    Beaded Double Hoop Earrings
    Boho-luxe earrings flaunting double hoops accented by small hanging beads. Multiple jump ring construction ensures flirty movement.
  • Tribal Chandelier Earrings
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    Tribal Chandelier Earrings
    Opulent tribal-inspired earrings featuring glistening stones and hued crystal pave set in half medallions adorned by tapered drops. Chandelier design ensures stunning movement.
  • Gold Chain & Horn Necklace
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    Gold Chain & Horn Necklace
    Coolly confident 12K gold-plated chain necklace adorned with a sculptural horn pendant.
  • Rope Chain Toggle Bracelet
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    Rope Chain Toggle Bracelet
    Upscale gold-plated bracelet with gleaming double strands of weighty rope chain links.
  • Oval Rhinestone Bracelet
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    Oval Rhinestone Bracelet
    Luxe stretch bracelet flaunting an oversized, glittering rhinestone flanked by artful groupings of high-sparkle stones.
  • Frosted Stone Bib Necklace
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    Frosted Stone Bib Necklace
    Exquisite statement necklace flaunting a luminous frosted oval stone flanked by glistening mix-cut, multi-hued crystals.
  • Pave Marquis Hoop Earrings
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    Pave Marquis Hoop Earrings
    Shimmering crystal pave hoop earrings reworked in a fresh marquis design and suspended from glittering pave surmounts.
  • Textured Hoop Earrings
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    Textured Hoop Earrings
    Lustrous goldtone hoop earrings pairing a supersized silhouette with a chic, refined texture.
  • Crystal Circle Earrings
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    Crystal Circle Earrings
    Refined stud earrings with sparkling rhinestones set in openwork crystal pave surrounds.
  • Stone & Tassel Necklace
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    Stone & Tassel Necklace
    Vintage-inspired chain necklace flaunting a textured stone pendant framed by chic chain fringe and beautiful liquid tassels.
  • Metal Plate Band Watch
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    Metal Plate Band Watch
    Elegant watch signifying style with smooth, pristine surfaces, 3-hand quartz movement and a single subsidiary dial set in a sparkling crystal pave surround. Embossed bebe logo on dial.
  • Diamond Cut Bezel Watch
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    Diamond Cut Bezel Watch
    Posh shaped-bezel watch pairing an oversized case with a slim band to create distinctive proportions. Shimmering crystal pave dial. Classic 3-hand quartz movement.
  • Crystal Boyfriend Watch
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    Crystal Boyfriend Watch
    Haute goldtone boyfriend watch striking an upscale note with a crystal pave-detailed bezel and link band. Hours marked by sparkling crystals. Classic 3-hand quartz movement. bebe logo on dial.
  • Geo Crystal Stud Earrings
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    Geo Crystal Stud Earrings
    Super-glam crystal stud earrings flaunting look-at-me style with glistening mix-cut stones set in a stunning asymmetric design.
  • Geo Crystal Stud Earrings
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    Geo Crystal Stud Earrings
    Super-glam rhinestone stud earrings with glistening baguette, teardrop and round rhinestones arranged in a flawless, right-now geo design.
  • Rhinestone Ring Link Watch
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    Rhinestone Ring Link Watch
    Sophisticated watch with a sparkling rhinestone pave-ringed dial and center. 3-hand quartz movement. Hours marked by arabic numerals. bebe logo on dial.
  • Box Chain Crystal Earrings
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    Box Chain Crystal Earrings
    Super-swingy earrings with rhodium-plated box chains looped around glistening checkerboard-cut stones.
  • Mix Stud Earring Set
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    Mix Stud Earring Set
    Stunning posh-to-glam stud earring set that keeps you covered day to evening with glistening mix-cut crystals and exquisite metalwork.
  • Resin Horn Drop Earrings
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    Resin Horn Drop Earrings
    Tribal-cool resin horn earrings going upscale with intricate goldtone filigree and gleaming faux turquoise beads.
  • Chain Wrapped X Cuff
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    Chain Wrapped X Cuff
    Cosmopolitan cuff bracelet artfully wrapped in finely wrought chains.
  • Looped Snake Chain Earrings
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    Looped Snake Chain Earrings
    Refined snake chain earrings with a distinctive lariat design featuring a spherical clasp and matchstick terminals. Fabulous, fluid movement.
  • Scroll Metal Hoop Earrings
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    Scroll Metal Hoop Earrings
    Sophisticated hoop earrings capturing the downtown art scene with intricate scrollwork and lustrous goldtone luxe.
  • Pop Color Drop Earrings
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    Pop Color Drop Earrings
    Opulent statement earrings featuring glistening checkerboard-cut crystal surmounts adorned with luminous green stones set in mix-cut, multi-hued surrounds.
  • Crystal & Tassel Necklace
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    Crystal & Tassel Necklace
    Majestic necklace kicking up the intrigue with a gleaming goldtone chain mix detailed by mint stones and rose-cut trapeze danglers. Exquisite crystal pave pendant adorned with a trio of luxe silk-cotton tassels that guarantee glam movement.
  • Snake & Crystal Bracelet
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    Snake & Crystal Bracelet
    Distinctive vintage-inspired snake coil bracelet exhibiting artful metalwork embedded with glimmering amber-hued teardrop stones.
  • Crystal Fringe Earrings
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    Crystal Fringe Earrings
    Exquisite crystal earrings with glistening teardrop stones set in baroque surrounds and adorned by shimmering fringe.
  • Textured Wood Earrings
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    Textured Wood Earrings
    Organic-chic textured wood disc earrings finished with gleaming goldtone accenting and a sparkling band of crystal pave.
  • Enamel Bar Drop Earrings
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    Enamel Bar Drop Earrings
    Sleek and modern enamel earrings in a slim rectangular design with a heightened, glossy sheen.
  • Sparkling Mixed Ring Set
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    Sparkling Mixed Ring Set
    Gorgeous mixed ring set offering an array of refined silhouettes detailed with sparkling pear-cut and pave crystals and meticulous metalwork. Wear one at a time, mix and match or rock all at once for a stunningly luxe look.
  • Tiered Leaf Earrings
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    Tiered Leaf Earrings
    Truly stunning. Compelling crystal pave leaf dangle earrings in a dynamic tiered silhouette. Charming waterfall design adds dazzle to your collection.
  • Crystal Teardrop Earrings
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    Crystal Teardrop Earrings
    Ultra-glam teardrop earrings with sparkling crystal pave set in a swingy, supersized silhouette.
  • Enamel Hinge Bracelet
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    Enamel Hinge Bracelet
    Ultra-chic hinge bracelet that wraps your wrist in glossy white enamel edged with lustrous goldtone luxe.
  • Bamboo Look Metal Bracelet
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    Bamboo Look Metal Bracelet
    Tiki-chic stretch bracelet with bamboo-inspired goldtone metal accented by high-sparkle crystals.
  • Marquise Crystal Earrings
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    Marquise Crystal Earrings
    Upscale stud earrings flaunting glittering marquise-cut crystals set in step pave surrounds.
  • Gold Multi-Chain Necklace
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    Gold Multi-Chain Necklace
    Captivating 12K gold-plated necklace flaunting a bolo design with ornamental crystal clasp and aiglet-tipped mixed chain fringe. Liquid construction drapes your curves in luxury.
  • Beaded Collar Necklace
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    Beaded Collar Necklace
    Ultra-haute collar necklace with a lustrous goldtone omega chain and gleaming beads in an array of rich, earthy hues.
  • Front Back Cluster Earrings
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    Front Back Cluster Earrings
    To die for. Luxe front-back earrings featuring double pearlescent and mix-cut crystal fronts paired with larger, lustrous pearlescent backs.
  • Enamel Fringe Necklace
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    Enamel Fringe Necklace
    Boho-glam fringe necklace captivating with super-fine goldtone chains and chic enamel bars in shimmering peacock hues. Fringe construction guarantees gorgeous movement.
  • Front Back Crystal Earrings
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    Front Back Crystal Earrings
    Trending front-back earrings that will have you looking gorgeous coming and going with sparkling crystal pave semi-sphere fronts anchored by larger spheres in back.
  • Linear Rhinestone Earrings
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    Linear Rhinestone Earrings
    Dark glam dangle earrings featuring sparkling rhinestone surmounts adorned with stylized textured leaves embedded with shimmering dark stones.
  • Wavy Circle Earrings
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    Wavy Circle Earrings
    Exquisite statement hoop earrings with an organic free-flowing design detailed by intricate, high-sparkle crystal pave surfaces.
  • Geo Cutout Fringe Earrings
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    Geo Cutout Fringe Earrings
    Artful dangle earrings flaunting geo cutouts adorned with sparkling crystal pave and gleaming goldtone and crystal chain fringe.
  • Crystal Statement Earrings
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    Crystal Statement Earrings
    Breathtaking pendant earrings flaunting an exquisite baroque design, sparkling rhinestones and mix-cut stones in rich ocean hues.
  • Neon Pop Stone Necklace
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    Neon Pop Stone Necklace
    Breathtaking statement necklace with bold mix-cut, mix-hued resin stones and crystal accents adorning a goldtone chain.
  • Half Moon Body Jewelry
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    Half Moon Body Jewelry
    Luxurious body jewelry with tiered goldtone chains fastened to a lustrous half-moon centerpiece.
  • Stone Stretch Bracelet
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    Stone Stretch Bracelet
    Party-posh stretch bracelet enticing with mix-cut crystals in a baroque arrangement and flaunting gorgeous opalescent hues.
  • Crystal Clasp Bracelet
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    Crystal Clasp Bracelet
    Glistening flat crystal bracelet flaunting a repeat geo motif and fabulous liquid drape.
  • Hammered Hoop Earrings
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    Hammered Hoop Earrings
    Glimmering hoop earrings melding goldtone luxe with chic hammered surfaces.
  • Knot & Lion Earring Set
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    Knot & Lion Earring Set
    Fabulous mixed trio of goldtone and crystal stud earrings to keep you covered from meetings to mojitos.
  • Layered Spike Earrings
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    Layered Spike Earrings
    Glamour meets elegance. Striking crystal earrings commanding attention with an angular spiked design.
  • Square Cutout Bracelet
    More info
    Square Cutout Bracelet
    Geo-chic hinge bracelet with a glittering crystal pave square anchoring a gorgeous cutout silhouette.
  • Crystal Chandelier Earrings
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    Crystal Chandelier Earrings
    Glamorous chandelier earrings with exquisite mix-cut opalescent crystals. Multiple jump-ring construction invites intoxicating movement.
  • Neon Triple Drop Earrings
    More info
    Neon Triple Drop Earrings
    Romantic 18K gold-plated chandelier earrings updated with fresh, neon-hued stones framed by sparkling crystal pave. Jump-ring construction guarantees fabulous swing.
  • Filigree Circle Earrings
    More info
    Filigree Circle Earrings
    Haute goldtone dangle earrings featuring intricate openwork circles joined by a single suspension loop.
  • Flower Statement Earrings
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    Flower Statement Earrings
    Statement-making earrings with tropical-hued petals accenting glistening pear-cut stones and sparkling crystal fringe.
  • Mixed Cocktail Ring Set
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    Mixed Cocktail Ring Set
    Glam set of goldtone rings with a mix of rhinestones, twists and a dark solitaire gem. Wear separately or stacked.
  • Crystal Pendant Body Chain
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    Crystal Pendant Body Chain
    Gorgeous body jewelry featuring gleaming goldtone chains anchored by a shimmering mix-cut crystal cluster pendant.
  • Logo Charm Bangle Set
    More info
    Logo Charm Bangle Set
    Gleaming goldtone bangle charm bracelets adorned with heart and bebe logo charms. Wear one at a time or stack for a high-glam look.
  • Crystal Fringe Body Chain
    More info
    Crystal Fringe Body Chain
    Exquisite body jewelry with lustrous alternating goldtone and silvertone chains. Accented by high-sparkle crystal fringe.
  • Tiered Crystal Necklace
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    Tiered Crystal Necklace
    Exquisite crystal statement necklace stunning with multiple high-sparkle strands arranged in a glamorous triple-tier design.
  • Rhinestone Watch
    More info
    Rhinestone Watch
    Classic watch enhanced by a glittering rhinestone-accented bezel, a gleaming link wristband and sophisticated 3-hand quartz movement. Quarter hours marked by rhinestone pave roman numerals. bebe logo on face.
  • Geo Crystal Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Geo Crystal Hoop Earrings
    Fabulous gold-plated hoop earrings embracing a single glistening crystal for minimalist luxe.
  • Textured Hoop Earrings
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    Textured Hoop Earrings
    Luxe hoop earrings deserving attention with glimmering sheen, subtle texture and a pristine extended silhouette.
  • Interlocking Logo Watch
    More info
    Interlocking Logo Watch
    Sleek, sophisticated watch featuring a glistening link band and brilliant crystal pave bezel. 3-hand quartz movement. Elegant minimalist face with interlocking "b" motif and bebe logo.
  • Stone Coil Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Stone Coil Hoop Earrings
    Simply gorgeous. Eye-catching earrings featuring neon stones suspended from high-shine 14K gold-plated coil hoops.
  • Stacked Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Stacked Hoop Earrings
    Totally cool dangle earrings flaunting stacked hoops finished with a flawless textured design.
  • Double Row Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Double Row Hoop Earrings
    Glamorous oversized hoop earrings with sparkling double-row crystal pave and high-shine goldtone metal.
  • Logo Crystal ID Necklace
    More info
    Logo Crystal ID Necklace
    Refined glam. Double-strand goldtone chainlink necklace adorned with a sparkling crystal pave ID and a debossed bebe logo medallion.
  • Lion Padlock Bracelet
    More info
    Lion Padlock Bracelet
    Distinctive gold-plated chain bracelet adorned with a luxe lion-accented enamel padlock.
  • Large Metal Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Large Metal Hoop Earrings
    Supersized hoop earrings capturing attention with streamlined design and shimmering goldtone luxe.
  • Textured Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Textured Hoop Earrings
    Boho-cool hoop earrings detailed with meticulous diamond-like texture.
  • Chain Collar Body Jewelry
    More info
    Chain Collar Body Jewelry
    Gold-dipped decadence. Luxe goldtone body jewelry flaunting multiple draped chains.
  • Crystal Bracelet Set
    More info
    Crystal Bracelet Set
    Stack, mix and match. Exquisite stretch bracelet set featuring rows of sparkling crystals.
  • Twist Collar Necklace
    More info
    Twist Collar Necklace
    Utterly elegant collar necklace with sleek narrow bands in a twisted design.
  • Square Crystal Earrings
    More info
    Square Crystal Earrings
    Power accessory. Oversized square crystal stud earrings prong-set in gleaming rhodium-plated backings.
  • Link Bezel Watch
    More info
    Link Bezel Watch
    Radiant link watch featuring a glistening link band and brilliant crystal pave accenting throughout. Sophisticated 3-hand quartz movement and 3-eye chronograph. Hours marked by roman numerals and sparkling crystals. bebe logo on face.
  • Crystal Tribal Earrings
    More info
    Crystal Tribal Earrings
    Haute dangle earrings in a cool cutout tribal design detailed with sparkling crystal pave.
  • Stone Encrusted Link Watch
    More info
    Stone Encrusted Link Watch
    Power accessory. Stunning watch with high-sparkle crystal pave bezel and face. Quarter hours marked by shimmering goldtone roman numerals.
  • Dramatic Stone Body Chain
    More info
    Dramatic Stone Body Chain
    Opulent body jewelry dripping with glistening stones and layers of decadent, gleaming chains.
  • Thin Oval Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Thin Oval Hoop Earrings
    Polished hoop earrings going upscale with a distinctive angled oval silhouette.
  • Circle & Chains Necklace
    More info
    Circle & Chains Necklace
    Boho-chic necklace rocking the arts festival with a glittering crystal pave circle suspended in a luxe waterfall of gleaming liquid chains.
  • Half Moon Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Half Moon Hoop Earrings
    Boho-posh earrings dazzling with double hoops and meticulous metalwork. Select from goldtone or silvertone.
  • Chainlink Row Bracelet
    More info
    Chainlink Row Bracelet
    Haute-glam bracelet with luxe goldtone multi-row chainlinks and exquisite shine.
  • Bar & Crystal Bracelet
    More info
    Bar & Crystal Bracelet
    Haute stretch bracelet finished with gleaming stacked goldtone bars accented by glittering crystals.
  • Multicolor Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Multicolor Hoop Earrings
    Dazzling hoop earrings flaunting a trio of concentric goldtone hoops accented by glimmering hued crystals.
  • Layered Chain Necklace
    More info
    Layered Chain Necklace
    Haute, high-gleam necklace detailed with exquisite graduated mixed chains. Fabulous liquid movement lets necklace drape over curves.
  • Crystal Body Chain
    More info
    Crystal Body Chain
    Haute-glam body jewelry in a luxe chain mix accented by glistening crystal stones. Select from 12K gold-plated or silvertone.
  • Textured Boyfriend Watch
    More info
    Textured Boyfriend Watch
    Gorgeous watch borrowing from the boys with a chunky silhouette, textured timing bezel and triple chronometer display. Hours marked by roman numerals and sparkling crystals. bebe logo on face.
  • Crystal Geo Cutout Earrings
    More info
    Crystal Geo Cutout Earrings
    Haute crystal pave earrings with a right-now geometric shape and show-stealing sparkle.
  • Angular Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Angular Hoop Earrings
    Chic gold-plated earrings featuring a geo-curvy design and super-luxe gleam.
  • Lion & Snake Chain Earrings
    More info
    Lion & Snake Chain Earrings
    Haute 14K gold-plated earrings detailed with roaring lion heads, exquisite metalwork and luxe snake chain fringe. Fabulous, liquid movement.
  • Metal Claw Hinge Bracelet
    More info
    Metal Claw Hinge Bracelet
    Distinctive hinge bracelet flaunting glimmering goldtone metal "claws" accented by sparkling crystal pave.
  • Gold Multi-Chain Necklace
    More info
    Gold Multi-Chain Necklace
    Chic multi-chain necklace with gleaming bebe logo accents and sparkling rhinestone heart charms.
  • Enamel Collar Necklace
    More info
    Enamel Collar Necklace
    Pair with your power dress. Chic collar necklace combining luxe goldtone with enamel in a distinctive offset silhouette.
  • Looped Chain Earrings
    More info
    Looped Chain Earrings
    Dazzling swing. Spectacular duster earrings featuring luxe goldtone and crystal chain loops suspended from sleek bar accents. Fabulous head-tossing movement.
  • Crystal Stretch Bracelet
    More info
    Crystal Stretch Bracelet
    Haute stretch bracelet with glistening mix-cut crystals nestled in intricate goldtone settings.
  • Double Row Chain Necklace
    More info
    Double Row Chain Necklace
    Super-luxe goldtone necklace featuring double strands of gleaming oversized links.
  • Geo Statement Necklace
    More info
    Geo Statement Necklace
    Exquisite statement necklace featuring sleek snake chain construction adorned with a glistening mix-cut, multi-hued geo stone pendant and chic snake-chain tassel.
  • Pyramid Collar Necklace
    More info
    Pyramid Collar Necklace
    Glamorous collar necklace adorned with alternating pyramid studs and sparkling crystals.
  • Crystal & Chain Earrings
    More info
    Crystal & Chain Earrings
    Stunning statement earrings flashing brilliant-cut studs adorned with mix-cut crystals and chain fringe. Tassel design ensures exquisite eye-catching movement.
  • Coil & Crystal Necklace
    More info
    Coil & Crystal Necklace
    Incredible necklace featuring oversized double coil chains adorned with sparkling mix-cut rhinestones accenting geo pendants.
  • Opal Stone Petal Earrings
    More info
    Opal Stone Petal Earrings
    Steal the show. Opulent dangler earrings with gleaming opalescent center stones accented by glistening mix-cut crystals and exquisite opaque stone petals.
  • Padlock Pendant Necklace
    More info
    Padlock Pendant Necklace
    Flawless silvertone chain necklace flaunting a goldtone padlock pendant accented by a glistening crystal starburst.
  • Plate & Tassel Bib Necklace
    More info
    Plate & Tassel Bib Necklace
    Opulent bib-plate necklace lavished with a mix-stone, multi-hued filigree centerpiece and a hammered half-disk pendant adorned with gorgeous graduated fringe.
  • Wavy Crystal Bracelet
    More info
    Wavy Crystal Bracelet
    Opulent bracelet flaunting luxe interlocking waves encrusted with shimmering crystal pave.
  • Coil Wrapped Short Necklace
    More info
    Coil Wrapped Short Necklace
    Luxe choker-style necklace that fancies up your neckline with a coil-wrapped look. Select from goldtone or silvertone.
  • Coil Wrapped Bracelet
    More info
    Coil Wrapped Bracelet
    Luxe bracelet that fancies up your wrist with a coil-wrapped look. Select from goldtone or silvertone.
  • Chainlink Crystal Bracelet
    More info
    Chainlink Crystal Bracelet
    Sparkling glamour. Chic crystal pave chainlink bracelet that's a sight to behold.
  • Stud Trio Earring Set
    More info
    Stud Trio Earring Set
    Chic-to-glam stud earring set featuring sparkling crystals, gleaming goldtone knots and exquisite floral clusters. A pair perfect for any occasion.
  • Snake Chain Button Earrings
    More info
    Snake Chain Button Earrings
    Work to evening essential. Luxe snake chain earrings dazzling with sleek interlocking-loops silhouette. Select from goldtone or silvertone.
  • Starburst Stud Earrings
    More info
    Starburst Stud Earrings
    Exquisite stud earrings impeccably detailed with glistening crystal pave star overlay. Select from peach bud or white/silver.
  • Multi-Circle Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Multi-Circle Hoop Earrings
    Ultra-glam earrings featuring exquisite crystal pave accents and swinging double goldtone hoops.
  • Mix Chain Necklace
    More info
    Mix Chain Necklace
    Industrial-glam necklace rocking a fresh chain mix and sparkling rhinestone pave accent.