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  • Belux - U-Turn Floor and Reading Lamp
    Belux - U-Turn Floor and Reading Lamp
    The LED spot family U-Turn by Belux invites to interact with light. The spot is easily adjustable to a maximal action radius and it even turns by 360°. U-Turn is a flexible light tool which is also funny with the changeable beam angle. The floor and reading lamp out of the U-Turn collection is an archetype of its kind from living room lamps and hard to be surpassed regarding its flexibility: Its two spots can be adjusted and dimmed independently. The lower spot is used as a height adjustable reading light, the upper spot serves to illuminate a wall or the ceiling. The central elements of U-Turn are the ball joint and the round, hand-plate-sized lamp head. In the middle of it there is a magnetic deepening, which is placed on a metal sphere. This mechanism allows an easy control of the lamp’s head and a bigger working radius. Since the deepening in the lamp’s head is magnetic on both sides, it can also be released from the sphere with one hand, then turned and placed on it again. This is how U-Turn offers direct or indirect LED light whenever you want. Moreover it can also easily be adjusted with a slight turn – similar to the zoom of a photo camera. The high class material of aluminium die casting is also mirrored in the robust design. The lamps family includes six editions (reading, pendant, wall, ceiling, universal and clamp lamp) in the editions black, silver and tele grey. Moreover they are also available with ON/OFF switch or touch dimmer (except for the clamp lamp).
  • Belux Arba Floor Light by Matteo Thurn
    Belux Arba Floor Light by Matteo Thurn
    The native wood of the maple is especially oiled to endow it with unique characteristics of high resilience, stability and exceptional texture. The wood makes the light of the energy-saving fluorescent lamp glisten and transforms it into a warm yet powerful light, while bestowing a unique atmosphere to the room. Also available as pendant and table version. Dimensions: Floor light: Height 1560mm x Width (at bottom) 480mm - Shade: Diameter 500mm x Height 165mm. Light source Floor light: 60w 230v.
  • Belux - Diogenes Floor- And Reading Lamp
    Belux - Diogenes Floor- And Reading Lamp
    Diogenes is a combined reading- / allusively lamp. For the general lighting does it have a halogene bulb. In the light fixtures integrated is an anti-glare and adjustable extra illuminant for the direct reading light. Both illuminants are independently from each other dimmable. The Diogenes Floor- and Reading Lamp impresses through multi-functionality and clear design and can be integrated in every room. The Diogenes Floor- and Reading Lamp by Belux is also available in the colours terracotta and sand.
  • Belux One by One Floor lamp
    Belux One by One Floor lamp
    ONE BY ONE owes its special character to complementary materials. High-grade steel and fluorescent lamp contrast with the organic flexibility of the various layers. The result is light in endless variations. Much attention was paid to the material used for the layers. It is made from a polyester membrane which is rendered almost completely tear-free, durable and flame resistant by means of various refinement processes. ONE BY ONE is therefore easy to clean and compared to traditional paper lights, has an extremely long life span. ONE BY ONE can be steplessly dimmed and blends into a variety of surroundings. One by One won the red dot award in 2004. In detail: Type : Floor lamp. Colour : White. Material : Polyester membrane - Stainless stell base. Dimensions : 29 cm x 29 cm x H 150 cm. Characteristics : Included bulb : 1 x T26 36W 827 - Dimmer - Fireproof - Supplied with EU plug : EU to UK plug adapter included.
  • Belux - Ypsilon Floor Lamp
    Belux - Ypsilon Floor Lamp
    Ypsilonis a discrete but energy-saving solution to illuminate the walls of rooms and thus visually enlarge it. The plug-in lamp also solves the problem of dark ceilings where they do not reflect light. Modern electronics and its stylish finishes, along with the distinctive design of Hannes Wettstein, ensure high-quality illumination and a long operating life. Small rooms can be subjectively enlarged by flooding light over the wall. Ypsilon uses this effect and illuminates a room or wall surface both vertically and broadly. In this case the reduced light housing is secondary and only develops its effect when switched on. The design by Hannes Wettstein is in the form of a "Y” to give Ypsilon its light and unobtrusive character. The built-in dimmer enables the light to be regulated from bright room light to cozy mood light. YPSILON is energy saving and can be rotated through 270°. High-quality illumination electronics generate flicker-free light and ensure that lamps and operating equipment have a long life. Ypsilon is made of the finest aluminium and the finely anodized finish in four different colours brings out the unique Y-form depending on the play of light. While the natural aluminium and champagne colours contribute to the restrained aesthetics, the red and black models enhance the surroundings and are contrasting points to any interior design.
  • Belux Twilight Floor lamp
    Belux Twilight Floor lamp
    By means of a dimmer TWILIGHT can produce atmospheric lighting for unwinding or light to illuminate the room as desired. Inside the art glass body there are two 50Watt halogen lamps at the top and at the bottom, emitting light towards each other, so that TWILIGHT turns into a light sculpture. With an additional 300Watt halogen bulb TWILIGHT gives out indirect light and the light inside the art glass body can be controlled independently of one another. In this way room and atmospheric lighting are combined in a single light. In detail: Type : Floor lamp. Colour : Chromed base. Material : Glass body - Chromed inox base. Dimensions : H 188 cm - L 22,5 cm x W 13 cm - Base : 32,5 cm x 23 cm. Characteristics : Included bulbs : 4 x halogen PAR 16/50W/GU10 + 1 x halogen 300W/R7S (indirect light) - Two separate dimmers to control independently the direct light and the indirect light - Supplied with EU plug : EU to UK plug adapter included.
  • Belux Twilight Floor lamp
    Belux Twilight Floor lamp
    The TWILIGHT LED provides individual powerful and energyefficient room lighting. Compared to the halogen version energy consumption is decreased by 88 to an efficient 48 Watt. TWILIGHT LED supplies both indirect room lighting and atmospheric direrect light. In detail: Type : Floor lamp. Colour : White. Material : Glass body - Chromed inox base. Dimensions : H 188 cm - L 22,5 cm x W 13 cm - Base : 32,5 cm x 23 cm - Cable : L 400 cm. Characteristics : Dimmer - Included LED : 48W - Supplied with EU plug : EU to UK plug adapter included.
  • Belux - U-Turn Floor Lamp
    Belux - U-Turn Floor Lamp
    The LED spot family U-TURN by BELUX invites for playful interaction with light. The spot is easy to turn into a maximal action radius and it is even completely rotatable. U-Turn is a flexible light tool which ensures high enjoyment with the lighting radius. The central elements of the U-Turn floor lamp are the ball joint and the round large light head. In its middle there is a magnetic deepening, which is placed on top of a metal sphere. This mechanism allows an easy moving of the light head and enables a large action radius. The deepening can be separated, turned and fixed again from the ball with one simple handling since it is magnetic on both sides. This is how direct or indirect LED light can be chosen for the U-Turn lamp. Moreover it is possible to change the light angle with a simple turn – similar to the Zoom of a camera. The high quality material out of aluminium die cast is also mirrored in the robust design. The U-Turn light family includes six editions (reading, pendant, wall, ceiling, table and clamp lamps) in different colours: Black, silver and telegrey. Moreover they are all available with ON/Off switches or touch dimmers (except for the clamp lamp).
  • Belux - Arba Floor Lamp
    Belux - Arba Floor Lamp
    "The shape of ARBA follows it function, its function follows the vision, my vision follows the principle sustainability!” Matteo Thun. ARBA creates through the use of domestic maple and the archetypical shape familiarity and discreet simplicity. The cylindrical diffuser enfolds while turned on light the agility of the wood grain and makes the natural characteristics of the object visible. ARBA combines sociability and sustainability and arranges even turned off a peaceful picture of nature, calmness and resolution. The homely maple wood of guaranteed FSC certified cultivation is oiled and offers an unique elasticity, stability and through the distinct fibre an unique characteristic. With the years a light darkening of the nature product, which gives ARBA an extra lively component, was created. The wood filters the cool light of the energy-saving fluorescence lamp in a warm but still powerful, comfortable light and shapes an unique room atmosphere. The diffuser for the vertical lighting is made of massive acrylic glass with high glossy polished edges and leads the light balanced and anti-glare. An artful mechanism enables that the glass for the illuminant change which can be removed with only one gesture. ARBA is available in four versions as floor-, table-, pendant- and wall lamp. At the floor- and table lamps the lampshade is kept by five covering each other, polished and oiled bars – also made of maple. The chamfered edges give the lamp even with its high stability an optical lightness. In a time-consuming process, the bars are natural dried, to exclude the additional cambers. A steel bar balances the suspension. The power cable made of fire red textile fibre is also an accent. The wall mounting gives a corridor a familiar comfort and as bed reading lamp natural warmth. The lamp family ARBA is furnished with high quality lighting electronic (DALI) and energy-saving fluorescences with constant light flow, brilliant colour report and long lasting life. The floor- and table lamp has a cable integrated switch, the suspension can be dimmed or switched. The large suspension with a diameter of 600 mm ha four powerful 42W illuminants and because of its big light amount it can also be used optimally in offices and public and high rooms.
  • Belux - One By One Floor Lamp
    Belux - One By One Floor Lamp
    The character of the One By One lamp, designed by Steve Lechot in the year 2004, occurs out of a opposite additional materials. Stainless steel and fluorescent lamp stand in contrast to the organic flexibility of the coats. It devotes a definition of the light in uncountable versions. On the materialisation of teh coats got a lot attention. For the use comes a polyestervlies, which is practical tearproof, non-ageing and not flameable. One By One can be cleaned without any problems and has in comparison to usual paper lamps an extreme long lasting life. One By One is available in a levelless dimmable version, which adjusts itself to every surrounding, and also in a plain On/Off version for the floor and as pendant lamp.
  • Belux - Koi floor lamp
    Belux - Koi floor lamp
    With its emotional perceptions, Koi sets new standards in efficient interior lighting technology. A single standing light for two workstations can now be replaced by the Koi for four workstations using the same amount of light – and less energy. This is due to modern lighting technology and the light head. The rounded form ensures rotational symmetry and equal light distribution over a wide area. Despite the high output, the light sources are only dimly seen. The four powerful 42W fluorescent lamps with a total output of 13 000 lumens are so positioned to ensure 20% less light loss compared to conventional office standing lights. Koi reflects up to 70% of light from the ceiling resulting in abundant and fatigue-free lighting. The remaining 30% is directed glare-free onto work surfaces using pyramidal lenses. The 12° oblique conical light head of translucent metallized acrylic reflects 95% of the scattered light as extra direct light with the rest leaving through the light head as direct lateral light. The rounded form ensures rotational symmetry and equal light distribution over a wide area. Despite the high output, the light sources are only dimly seen and because of this efficient glare control, the KOI is certified to Minergie standards. The rounded form of the Koi floor lamp harmonizes with all room designs. Despite its large body, Koi is floating, vibrant and elegant. "Super Normal Design” defines the philosophy and creative art of Naoto Fukasawa, the Designer of Koi. This is reflected in the simple harmonious form and startling simplicity of the Koi family of lights. The elemental design perfectly demonstrates its obvious functionality in flexibility and versatility resulting in a sense of well-being all of which are of utmost importance in the world of design now and for the future. The Koi floor lamp ox Belux is also available with integrated touchdimmer or integrated multisense. There is also a table version of Koi available.
  • Belux - Verto Floor Lamp
    Belux - Verto Floor Lamp
    The Swiss company Belux presents the maybe most efficient office lamp of the world, with Verto. It illuminates two working places efficiently and stylish with its 80 Watt power. With the Belux Verto, Naoto Fukasawa designed a lamp that moves free from conventions, stylishly as well as technically. With only one light source, it creates both, 80% direct light and 20% indirect light, since the reflectors are partly transparent. This is how two areas at the ceiling can be illuminated at the same time, glare-free and with pleasant light. The light’s temperature can be regulated by a touch-sensitive switch, without changing the light’s intensity. Verto works according to a patented principle: With a light source (A), it creates both, direct and indirect light. The LEDs inside of the lamp’s neck, which are assorted compactly, are directed to the diagonal-positioned reflector (B). Its geometry and surface are designed for the diverted light to be glare-free and to illuminate two areas at the same time (160 x 160 cm). Moreover, light will reach the office’s ceiling, creating pleasant room-light, thanks to the partly transparent reflector. Verto 10 and Verto 12: Light for different demands Verto 10 guides the light over a mirror grid directly to the working surface. This makes it one of the most energy efficient floor lamps on the market. It illuminates a double working place with only 55W. The partly transparent reflector also guides light upwards making the room a little brighter. The Verto 10 floor lamp Is used when it is the primary aim to save energy, when there are high rooms without reflections or when there is an indirect illumination already. The daytime and movement sensor Multisens enables energy savings of additional 80%. Verto 12 has direct light for double working places and an additionally powerful and widely shining indirect light. The direct light of the Belux lamp can be adapted regarding light amount and white-tone, making the working place individual. The indirect light of the lamp hasn’t these functions. It remains on all the time and it spreads a uniform light to the room. Verto 12 is used where the basic illumination shall be and where there is a reflecting ceiling.
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