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  • Skull Stud Earrings
    Skull Stud Earrings
    Make a fashionable head case with these eye catching skull stud earrings. The gold plated skulls are tiny, yet very detailed br / with an indented nose, pronounced teeth, and two swarovski crystal eyes. Rock out with this edgy pair!
  • Anchor Ring
    Anchor Ring
    Add some nautical flair to any outfit with this delightful anchor ring. Simple, but effortlessly gorgeous, the ring comes in your choice of gold, rose gold, or silver plated. This anchor won't weigh you down, but instead launch your style forward.
  • Diamond Drop Stud Earrings
    Diamond Drop Stud Earrings
    We won't blame you if you fall head over heels for the rose gold diamond drop stud earrings. The earrings are shaped like tear drops with stylish detail work in high polished finished rose gold or yellow gold plating. They include sterling silver posts for pierced ears.
  • Anchor Stud Earrings
    Anchor Stud Earrings
    Get ready for your vacation and the sweet, ocean breeze with anchor stud earrings! The chic nautical-inspired stud earrings come in your choice of rose gold plated or silver plated for desired tastes. These dainty little anchors complete any outfit!
  • Peace Sign Stud Earrings
    Peace Sign Stud Earrings
    Peace, love and style all come together in the peace sign stud earrings! This retro look continues to make a great statement wherever it is worn. Show your peace-ful side with these charming rose gold plated studs.
  • Double Victorian Cross Bangle
    Double Victorian Cross Bangle
    The victorian cross bangle will help you find fashion inspiration in faith. This awe-inspiring bangle comes in your choice of silver or brass with Italian crosses embedded on each opened end. Timeless, yet contemporary, the divine design is a modern classic you'll treasure.
  • Wishbone Stud Earrings
    Wishbone Stud Earrings
    Need a little luck in your wardrobe Watch your style prosper when you wear these wishbone stud earrings! The tiny stud earrings are silver plated yet very noticeable and stylish. Select this lucky pair for a look most wanted.
  • HOPE Skull Trinity Bracelet
    HOPE Skull Trinity Bracelet
    The HOPE skull trinity bracelet is a subtle yet edgy accessory for your favorite wardrobe pieces. It takes the simple chain bracelet one stylish step further with a bejeweled skull accented with crystal eyes. And it's complemented by a silver kachina feather charm.
  • Crystal Shard Ring
    Crystal Shard Ring
    When you just want to feel pretty, the crystal shard ring will do the trick! Date night with your sweetie, shopping and lunch with the girls, or even a trip to the grocery store turns into a glamathon when you wear this dazzling design.
  • LOVE Skull Trinity Bracelet
    LOVE Skull Trinity Bracelet
    Get the look of a sought after accessory with this rebellious yet charming LOVE skull trinity bracelet. It features a rose gold cut-open heart charm and a tiny skull on a slim silver plated chain. It blends in well with your favorite looks and can be layered with other bracelets.
  • Tiny Skull Cuff
    Tiny Skull Cuff
    This tiny skull cuff is a take charge accessory that makes a cool statement! The opened cuff is accented with a series of edgy skulls and comes in your choice of brass, rose gold plated, silver plated. It looks great stacked with others or totally rad when worn alone.
  • Diamond Teardrop Ring
    Diamond Teardrop Ring
    Sleek, sultry and stunning is exactly how you'll feel as you slip on this luxurious diamond teardrop ring. The teardrop-shaped silhouette on this rose gold ring gives you a trendy, contemporary look. It's wardrobe friendly, perfect for every occasion.
  • Silver Victorian Cross Stud Earrings
    Silver Victorian Cross Stud Earrings
    Not only are these gothic-inspired silver victorian cross stud earrings beautiful, they make a meaningful statement. The studs are crafted in sterling silver and feature carvings with a medieval design. The studs include sterling silver posts for pierced ears.
  • Silver Eternity Skull Ring
    Silver Eternity Skull Ring
    The silver eternity skull ring is perfect for adding a little excitement to your favorite tank and cutoffs. The band is wrapped with mini skulls all the way around for an edgy appeal. Wear it alone or stack it with other skull rings.
  • Mixed Metal Square Ring Set
    Mixed Metal Square Ring Set
    Geometric style meets a blend of metals with this striking set of mixed metal square rings. The square rings are gold and rose gold plated, accented with a round sterling silver band. They look amazing stacked on your finger!
  • Initial Charm Necklace
    Initial Charm Necklace
    To remind yourself of how amazing YOU are, wear this new initial charm necklace everyday. The necklace is personalized with a capital initial of your choice made of brass complemented with a smooth silver coin. The charms are suspended from a slim sterling silver rope chain.
  • Victorian Baguette Clera Stud Earrings
    Victorian Baguette Clera Stud Earrings
    These amazing emerald cut baguette stud earrings will frame your face, as well as shape your mood. Rectangular shaped swarovski crystals are set in gold with sterling silver posts. They're small in size yet bring exceptional dazzle.
  • Crystal Shard Ring
    Crystal Shard Ring
    It's time to show-off this amazing crystal shard ring! It features a drop-dead-fantastic marquise-cut, clear swarovski crystal on a slim polished rose gold plated band. The ring is sophisticated style for every day.
  • Gold Eternity Skull Ring
    Gold Eternity Skull Ring
    Show off your edgy side with the gold eternity skull ring. The band is wrapped with detailed miniature skulls all the way around giving it a punk flair. Wear it alone or stack it with other skull rings.
  • Memento Mori Duet Stud Earrings
    Memento Mori Duet Stud Earrings
    Think outside of the box with this fierce pair of mixed matched memento duet stud earrings. They feature a sterling silver tiny skull stud paired with adorable cross stud. The combination brings an edginess to your favorite tee and jeans.
  • Initial Heart Duo Stud Earrings
    Initial Heart Duo Stud Earrings
    These personalized heart duo stud earrings are pretty pair to wear every day. They feature a gold plated letter stud of your choice paired with adorable heart stud. The pair are not only stylish and adorable, but carry a sentimental value.
  • Memento Mori Skull Stud Earrings
    Memento Mori Skull Stud Earrings
    These memento mori skull stud earrings are surely the most adorable skulls you'll ever lay eyes on! The skull stud is tiny, yet very detailed with an indented nose, pronounced teeth, accented with a marquise cut swarovski crystal. The pair is totally edgy and can be worn with absolutely anything!
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