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  • blinc resurf.a.stic Callus 1 ea
    blinc resurf.a.stic Callus 1 ea
    Resurf.a.stic™ is the original, one-step innovation that combines hydration and long-lasting, skin-enriching treatment with professional-quality microdermabrasion. Medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals that are equally efficient on all sides are embedded in a unique stick form, making resurf.a.stic™ highly effective, easier, faster and more sanitary than messy creams, gels or complex mechanical devices. Results are instant. Resurf.a.stic™ callus is specially formulated to soften toughened areas of skin commonly found under feet, on knees and elbows and the palms of our hands. Larger crystals are used to deliver a more even and effective result. Moisturizers and conditioner leave these rough spots feeling and looking smoother.
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