• Bodum Bistro Thermo Jug, Green, 37 oz.
    Bodum Bistro Thermo Jug, Green, 37 oz.
    Energy conservation is hardly a new idea at this point but rarely has it looked as fabulous as it does here. The Bistro Thermo Jug utilizes a vacuum to keep hot and cold fluids at their desired temperatures a lot longer. An easy press on the lid opens the jug and lets the fluids flow. The lid closes automatically after each use so that the desired temperature is maintained a lot longer. Whether it's used for ice tea in the yard, or simply for keeping hot herbal tea on the kitchen table - the Bistro Thermo Jug serves all purposes and looks elegant doing so. Dimensions: 6.25" W x 5.375" D x 12.125" H. Capacity: 37 oz. Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only.
  • BODUM Bistro toaster
    BODUM Bistro toaster
    What is it about the aroma of freshly toasted bread in the morning that makes us feel like we're going to have a perfect day? Bodum's Bistro toaster comes complete with a variable browning button to deliver perfectly toasted bread every time, as well as a handy defrost feature and rack to keep bread, bagels, muffins and croissants warm. The toasting slots have adjustable widths to keep the toast in place, while the toaster also features a slide–out crumb tray for easy clean–up and a cord retainer to adjust or store the cable away. Bodum stainless steel and plastic toaster. 2.15kg. 220–240 V ~ 50⁄60Hz. 900–980 Watt. 100 cm⁄39.4 inch cord length. Height 26cm, width 31.5cm, depth 19.5cm. Stainless steel, plastic. Wipe clean.
  • Bodum - Bistro Chopping Board with Support
    Bodum - Bistro Chopping Board with Support
    Also the best and most fresh ingredients are ruined if their taste is distorted. If you cut several different ingredients on the same chopping board it may occur that they adopt other tastes undesirably. To avoid this it is advisable to use different chopping boards for different ingredients. The Bistro cutting boards from Bodum offer six cutting areas and appear in a practical support. The cutting boards appear in three colours and sizes whose sides are adorned with fitting pictograms each one: The largest board is thought for meat and bread; the middle sized one for fish and onions, and the smallest for cheese and vegetables. The pictograms stay viewable, no matter how the boards are positioned in its support. The boards stay constantly fresh and clean. The boards as well as their support consist of plastic. They are easily cleanable after their usage. The holder is furthermore coated with a rubber finish and possesses silicone feet. This enables a secure stand.
  • Bodum - Bistro oil and vinegar dispenser
    Bodum - Bistro oil and vinegar dispenser
    There’s something homey about having oil and vinegar dispensers on the kitchen or dining room table at all times. And then there’s something messy about actually using them at the table. Most dispensers don’t cut off the flow of the oil completely after pouring, causing the oil to spill when the dispenser is returned upright - and any table, especially a wooden one, takes a beating. The BISTRO Oil and Vinegar Dispensers come with a pointy plastic beak which cuts the flow of oil and vinegar very precisely – hence, no messy tables. A little silicone ball in the lid closes the dispenser when it’s standing upright, and then moves up to open the lid when the bottle is tilted, allowing for easy pouring. The dispensers are made from plastic, silicone and borosilicate glass. They are dishwasher safe.
  • Bodum - Bistro Thermos Flask, 1.1 l
    Bodum - Bistro Thermos Flask, 1.1 l
    Energy-saving actually means nothing new, but does rarely look as good as the thermos flask from Bodum. With its practical advantages it keeps drinks at the desired temperature – whether it is cold iced-tea in the summer or hot drinks on the dining table. The thermos flask uses the vacuum to keep the desired temperature as long as possible for hot and cold liquids. The flask is opened by pushing the button on the lid, and this allows then an easy pouring. The lid closes automatically after the usage so that the desired temperature stays equal as long as possible. The Bistro thermos flask from Bodum consists of plastic, silicone and stainless steel. The flask is available with its elegant design in further colours on demand.
  • BODUM Travel coffee maker press with extra lid
    BODUM Travel coffee maker press with extra lid
    For those who like to take their coffee on the move, but can't stand the thought of instant, Bodum 's travel press coffee mug is the ideal solution. The ingenious lid features a built in coffee press, enabling you to brew your fresh grounds on the go. The vacuum insulated stainless steel mug will then help to keep your coffee hotter for longer. The silicone band at the middle is heat resistant and non-slip, offering a comfortable grip. Bodum lime travel coffee maker press with extra lid. Stainless steel and silicone. Dishwasher safe. Capacity 350ml. Height 18.5cm.
  • BODUM Bistro stick blender
    BODUM Bistro stick blender
    The Bodum Bistro hand blender is easy and fun to work with, it helps make nutritious foods, and it’s easy to clean. It comes with three easy stick-on attachments: the knife for making anything from mouth-watering smoothies on ice to steamy creamy vegetable soups; the whisk for making fabulously airy mashed potatoes; and the beater for making thick milk foam, whipped cream or for beating eggs. It also comes with a beaker for puréeing and storing leftovers in the fridge when it’s topped of with the lid. Bodum stainless steel and plastic stick blender. 200 W. Height 36cm, diameter 8cm. Stainless steel and plastic. Wipe clean.
  • Bodum - Pavina salad bowl
    Bodum - Pavina salad bowl
    With the Pavina salad bowl Bodum extends its Pavina series referring to function and dimensions. The Pavina salad bowl is larger than the Pavina drinking glasses, but it still possesses the popular and remunerated combination of robust glass and coloured silicone ring. There are knobs and a Bodum writing in the respective colour on the silicone ring. The ring not only is a colourful detail, but it does also fulfill a practical function: It offers stabile holding at the otherwise slippery glass avoiding an undesired slip off from the bowl. The Pavina salad bowl is suitable to prepare and serve every kind of salad and other meals because of its size. It is available in several colours.
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