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  • Bodum® Bistro Latte Mugs, Set of 2
    Bodum® Bistro Latte Mugs, Set of 2
    Say goodbye to messy condensation rings and burned fingertips with this amazing line from Danish kitchenware hero Bodum. Winner of numerous international design awards, unique mugs have two walls that capture air to insulate the beverage inside. Use them for espresso, tea, coffee—just about any drink, hot or cold. Manufacturer: Bodum, Inc. Material: Borosilicate glass. Includes: Two mugs. Care: Dishwasher safe. Capacity: 15 oz. Made in China.
  • Bodum - Travel Press - stainless steel
    Bodum - Travel Press - stainless steel
    The Travel Press is the perfect coffee maker for a vacation or in the office. Travel Press has two functions: To brew fresh coffee the Travel Press possesses the typical Bodum French-Press-System, it enables an easy coffee preparing wherever you are: Simply insert the coffee powder, put hot water on it, push the filter down and finished it the coffee. The Travel Press is then - just as the Travel Mug - usable as practical thermo mug without the need of using more devices of dishes. A real advantage while travelling! Thr double walled stainless steel cup has an isolating function, so that the drink can be delivered safely and with its wished temperature to wherever you want it. The Travel Press coffee maker made of stainless steel with rubber lid and silicone ring.
  • Bodum - Bean Coffee Maker
    Bodum - Bean Coffee Maker
    The coffee maker Bean marked the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of the Bodum French-Press-System. The absolut highquality borosilicateglass of the coffee maker is covered at Bean by the coloured plastic - this doesn not only covers the glass, it also expands the extra and until now unknown decorative aspect. But most of all: The colourful plastic coat protects Bean from unwished overflowting and seals the coffee maker so that it stays closed, should it be knocked over. The sealing of silicone combines also the basin and the glass has through that an isolating impression, which helps to hold the coffee warm as long as possible. A simple push on the crank at the back lets the coffee float safely and controlable. The Bean coffee maker by Bodum is easy to control with only one hand and is also very safe. Of course the French-Press-System with its new developing, it has nothing to do with its classy qualities. With the Bodum coffee maker the coffee still can be brewed by hand: Only put the wished amount of coffee and hot water into the can, wait and push down the press system at the end - Ready is the coffee! The Bean coffee maker by Bodum is also available with the capacity of 0,35l in the colours blue, créme-white, yellow, lime, orange and pink.
  • Bodum Assam Tea Press Pot
    Bodum Assam Tea Press Pot
    This fall, nestle up with a cup of fresh, loose-leaf tea. The Assam Tea Kettle by Bodum uses the same press mechanism as the French Press and is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, so you can easily monitor your tea as it steeps.
  • Bodum - Bistro salt and pepper grinder
    Bodum - Bistro salt and pepper grinder
    There are some things we just want less of, so let’s free up your kitchen counter, your spice cabinet, your table, or your hands for that matter. There is really no reason you should need a salt grinder and a pepper grinder to spice up your cooking when you can have it all one. The Bistro salt and pepper grinder does thetrick – turn left for salt and turn right for pepper. That’s all it takes. The excellent ceramic grinder is even gradually adjustable, and salt and pepper get grinded to your desired coarseness. The Bistro salt and pepper grinder is easily refillable, and it’s made from rubber-sprayed plastic, which gives it a non-slippery finish and a good grip.
  • Bodum - Bistro Mixing Bowl 0.7 l
    Bodum - Bistro Mixing Bowl 0.7 l
    The Bistro mixing bowls by Bodum are perfectly suitable to prepare meals. The bowls are equipped with an anti-slide rubber coating at the handles and the bottom. While most of the mixing bowls on the market consist of melamine, Bodum produces the Bistro bowls out of recyclable BPA-free plastics with an additional rubber coating for a safer hols. The strategically included small rubber dots on the surface of the bowl ensure additional stability during mixing procedures. The mixing bowls by Bodum are available in different sizes and several attractive colours.
  • Bodum - Travel Mug, 0.35 l
    Bodum - Travel Mug, 0.35 l
    The Travel Mug by Bodum is the ideal product for people that are on their way often and for long periods of time. Whether hot coffee or tea, juice, water or lemonade – with the Travel Mug it is possible to prepare your drinks comfortably and to refill them and simply enjoy on the way. Up to 0.35 l of liquids suit in the medium edition of the Travel Mug, This enables the transport of larger amounts of liquids. With its double wall, it only possesses a slight insulating function. The transparent Travel Mug is closed by a colourful lid. The ground board has the same colour of the lid and fulfills the colourful appearance. It also has handle-recesses at its double outside wall, ensuring safe hold. The Bodum Travel Mugs consist of synthetics, rubber and silicone. It is available in many colours and sizes.
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